Efficiency Coating Machine BG-5H: Installation

- Saturday, June 22, 2019

Preparation before installation:

Efficiency Coating Machine after opening the box, please inspect whether the quality certificate, use instruction and packing list are complete; check them as per the packing list; check whether there is damage & losing during transportation.

Please read the use instruction carefully before installation.

Clean and clear part of impurity before installation.

The place used for installing the equipment shall be level basically, be of shockproof and shall have one certain carrying capacity. As for the outline dimension of the device, please refer to the main technological parameters.

When installing, use the smart leveling gauge to measure the longitudinal and lateral direction and adjust the bottom foundation bolt. We should pay attention to making the footing of the host machine keep balance.

Installation requirements:

The space between the host machine and the two sides shall be 1.2 meters so as to walking, cleaning and the other operations.

Connection of drain pipe:

The cleaning dish of the coating machine has the cleaning water pipe used for the drainage.

Connection of the compressed air:

The purified air supply shall be connected with the port of air-in.

Installation of power supply:

The coating working room shall be of anti-exposition, so the underground pipeline that is suitable for the lead position shall be adopted for the indoor power supply system. Adopt the three phase four-wire for the main power supply. It is suggested that all the switches in the host machine shall be the switches of exposition protection.


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