Coating Machine BYC-300: Troubleshooting Guide

- Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The following are some of the troubleshooting guides that we have sorted out so that the operator can troubleshoot problems with the coater during work.

No. Malfunction state Malfunction cause Obviating method
1 Large vibration in the base 1. Motor fastening bolts loose. Tighten the bolt.
2. Reducer fastening bolts loose.
3. The position of the coupling between the motor and the reducer is not adjusted correctly. Adjust the coupling.
4. The shifting belt installation shaft is misaligned. Adjust the mounting shaft position.
5.Coating pot deformation Change coating pot.
2 Abnormal noise 1. The coupling position is not installed correctly. Adjust the coupling position.
2. Coating pot and the air supply interface collide. Adjust the installation position of the air supply and exhaust interface.
3. The position of the support roller in front of the coating pan is not correct. Adjust the roller installation position.
4. tracheal leakage Find the reason, and then replace the accessories.
3 High reducer bearing temperature. 1. Wrong lubricant model. Change to 90# mechanical oil.
2. Less lubricant Add lubricant.
3. Coated pills overload. Add materials as required.
4 Coating pot speed does not meet the requirements. Belt wear. Replace belt.
5 Hot air efficiency is reduced. 1. The hot air device is abnormal. Check hot air device.
2. The vent is blocked. Check blower.


For the installation and maintenance guide of the BYC-300 coating machine, please click here.


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