Induction Sealing Technology

- Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Many products need to be sealed after being packed into a packaging container, so that the product can be preserved to maintain product quality and avoid product loss. Sealing is the most fundamental and important function for every package. It ensures that the item is effectively protected from moisture and from the air. Almost all packages have seals without exception, and successful packaging always depends on the effectiveness of its sealing performance.

Electromagnetic induction sealing technology was introduced in the mid-1960s and has experienced decades of development. It has evolved from a tube to a current microcomputer-controlled integrated circuit, and is a popular non-contact sealing technology. Inductive sealing technology is used after the product is filled. The bottle is covered with a cap with aluminum foil and backing material inside, and sealed by an induction sealing head. When the consumer opens the cap, there is a well-sealed aluminum foil seal over the bottle, and the backing material remains in the cap to form a liner. The conductive sealing technology utilizes the principle that the eddy current magnetic field is generated when the electromagnetic material is in contact with the metal material, and the metal material is instantaneously heated to achieve the magnetocaloric transformation. Inductively seal the bottled container whose cap is filled with an aluminum foil gasket (a special sealing material for attaching metal aluminum). When the bottling container passes through the magnetic sensing area of ​​the sealing machine, the aluminum foil gasket inside the cover is inductively recognized. When the metal conduction head contacts the aluminum foil layer on the top of the container, the aluminum foil is tightly bonded to the bottle under the combined action of pressure and heat. The emergence of induction sealing technology has ended the era of leaking seals.

induction sealer

Inductive sealing technology has the upper hand in competition with traditional conductive aluminum foil sealing technology because of the lower energy consumption, shorter sealing time and less loss due to aluminum foil displacement or shedding. This technology is simple to operate and makes it easier for production personnel to perform precise sealing.

Electromagnetic induction sealing machines made according to this technology have been widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical industry, food, beverage, cosmetics and other industries. By inductively heating and sealing, it can prevent the product from naturally absorbing moisture, prolong the shelf life and enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance.


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