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Semi-automatic Labeling Machine with Coder T30114

It’s belong in semi labeling machine, adopt inhaling label and then stick for all kinds of plane surface of product.

$2,838.99 USD



It’s belong in semi labeling machine, adopt inhaling label and then stick for all kinds of plane surface of product. Like flat bottle of cosmetic, packing box,plastic cover ect. To change the label cover mechanism , labeling can be finished on uneven surface, like concave surface,curved surface and so on. To change relevant management tool, labeling can be operated on not regular shape’s product. Select match color ribbon printer or inkjet printer to print product date and system’s number on label, let integration of printing - labeling become true. Can be sued match with various assembly line.  


Labeling speed 10-25p/min
Labeling accurate ±0.5mm
Product scope(Length) 20mm~200mm
Product scope(Width) 20mm~150mm
Product scope(Thickness) 0.2mm~120mm
Label scope width15~150mm,length10~100mm
Label Out diameter 320mm
Power 200W
Voltage 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Weight 48KG
Outsize 840x430x770mm(LxWxH)


  • Labeling accurate, high stability, adopt PLS + Stepper motor driver to conveyor labels, more accurate; mechanism for material with brake function to sure label belt is tight, and sure label testing accurate; label road have check and correct mechanism to avoid label run to right or left
  • long life and Durability, electric road apart with air road, setting up decontamination plant on air road avoid drop into electric equipment, to expanding product’s life. Whole equipment under high grade stainless steel and aluminum alloy, it’s strong
  • Adjustment convenient, have function of adjustable stroke, no need to change the relevant management tool for different height of product.
  • Attractive looking, adopt computer electric box set up bottom, match material of stainless steel and aluminium ally to improve product’ grade.
  • Having manual/automatic 2 method to control labeling, worker can select to use sensor or food stepping the control labeling when they face to different circumference. There are accordingly button of manual or automatic controller, and label length could be debugging as per requirement.