Dynamic Checkweigher CSG-150

It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and health product industry to detect whether there are missing or extra tablets.

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High-speed, high-precision Dynamic Checkweigher CSG-150

This product is applicable for testing whether the individual weight of small items is qualified. It is widely used in many industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, health care products, daily chemicals, light industry, and agricultural and sideline products. It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and health product industry to detect whether there are missing or extra tablets; whether the powder bagged medicine is missing or has multiple bags; whether the weight of the liquid medicine meets the standard requirements; whether the medicine accessories are missing (such as instructions, desiccant, etc.).


  • Strong versatility: The standardized structure of the whole machine and the standardized human-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials.
  • Simple operation: Adopts Weinview color human-machine interface which is fully intelligent and humanized designed; the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, easy to install and maintain, and easy to clean.
  • Adjustable speed: The motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed can be adjusted according to needs.
  • High-speed, high-precision: High-precision digital sensors are adopted, with fast sampling speed and high precision.
  • Zero tracking: Manual or automatic zero clearing, and dynamic zero tracking.
  • Operating mode: three operating modes

    a. Dynamic mode: normal pipeline mode.

    b. Static mode: After the material enters the weighing platform, the weighing platform stops running, and the weighing is carried out to improve the accuracy, which is suitable for products whose passing times are less than 20 times per minute.

    c. Energy-saving mode: The energy-saving mode can be turned on on the basis of mode a and mode b, and the machine will automatically stop when there is no material passing through the stop time.


Model CSG-150
Power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz (60Hz)
Rated power 0.1kW
Single weighing range ≤500g
Weighing accuracy range ±0.05-0.1g
Minimum scale 0.05g
Conveying speed 30~50m/min
Maximum speed 180 pcs
Weighing material size ≤150mm(L)*150mm(W)
Weighing platform conveyor belt size 250mm(L)*150mm(W)
Product dimensions 1030mm (L) * 555mm (W) * 1260mm (H)


  • Interface function: Reserved standard interface, convenient data management, can communicate with PC and other smart devices.
  • Self-learning: No need to set parameters after creating new product formula information. With the self-learning function, the appropriate parameters can be automatically set, and are stored for easy recall when switching products next time. (2000 parameter storage entries can be added).
  • Report form function: built-in report statistics, the report form can be generated in EXCEL format, and can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports. The USB flash disk can store statistical data for more than 1 year, and grasp the production status at any time; it provides the function of restoring factory parameter settings, and can store a variety of formulas, which is easy to change product specifications.
  • Fault self-detection: whether the motor, frequency converter, AD, sensor and photoelectric are normal, the cause of the fault, and the guidance detection of the cylinder, solid state relay and solenoid valve. It is convenient for non-professionals to check and maintain.

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