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CFQ-230 Uphill Tablet Deduster

The machine is pharmaceutical processing equipment that removes the fine surface dust from tablets through using vibratory effect. It is suitable for dedusting all types tablets.

$4,998.99 USD


The CFQ 230 Uphill Tablet De-duster enable to perform both elevating and dedusting process simultaneously at ultra-high speed that is highly demanded by medium to mass production tableting scales.
316L stainless steel are used for all metal parts contacting tablets which is designed and manufactured in conformance to cGMP standard
It is widely used in the industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, foodstuff and other related applications


Model CFQ-230
Capacity(pcs/hour) 800,000pcs/h(depending on dia 6mm)
Tablet diameter dia 3mm-25mm
Inlet height 798-978mm
Outlet height 1085-1265mm
Dedusting Distance 6m
Compressed air 0.1m3/h (0.05MPa)
Vacuum cleaning 2.7m3/h (-0.1MPa)
Power supply 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz 0.1kw
Outline dimensions 550*550*(1350-1500)mm
Machine weight 70kgs


  • Long dedusting path, automatic tablet polishing of all sides/angles, and high quality dedusting without damage to the tablets;
  • Has an adjustable feeding height and chute, which is highly flexible to mount and enables the operator to remove dust and burrs from tablets;
  • It is a perfect attachment unit for any types of rotary tablet presses as well as metal detectors
  • With outstanding efficiency, it is suitable for mass production of Φ3-Φ25mm all-kind-shape tablet;
  • New design motor driver to ensure the machine runs more stably with lower noise