Empty Capsule Separating Machine CNJ01

The machine is used to separate caps and bodies from empty hard capsules.

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This is the world first machine designed to separate empty hard capsules. It can separate the caps from the bodies.
It is ergonomically designed; suitable for capsule sizes from size 000# to size 2# with applicable change parts; easy to clean and maintain; user-friendly and meet the cGMP Standard in the industry. It is an excellent machine to own by any capsule manufacturing plants.


Production capacity 30,000-90,000pcs/hour
Precision More than 99%
Applicable size Size 000# or Size 00# or Size 0# 1# 2# (parts interchangable)
Air pressure 14.7kPa
Air comsuption 75m3/h
Power supply 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz Single Phase
Power 1KW
Overall dimension 1100*500*1300mm
Weight 145KG


1.Hopper 2.Feed gate 3.Limit brush wheel
4.Vibrating brush wheel 5.Mold plate 6.Capsule positioning rod combination
7.Speed governor 8.Feeding switch 9.Fan switch
10.Host switch 11.Capsule body outlet 12.Rack
13.Capsule cap outlet 14.Fan 15.Gear
16.Host 17.Gear meshing adjustment lever 18.Outlet tube
19.Suction tube 20.Angle adjustment plate (factory has been adjusted, do not mess)

Safety precautions (please be sure to follow)

1. Please check the voltage indicated by the machine.

2. Disinfect the machine with medical alcohol before the machine is operated. After using the machine, be sure to turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord.

3. Please use a single-phase grounded socket and ensure reliable grounding.

4. The mold plate cannot swap position.

5. Do not touch the mold plate by hand when the machine is running! Do not open the rear door of the machine to contact the running gear!

6. A gear rotates clockwise, B gear rotates counterclockwise, and cannot be reversed.

7. If the machine is found to be working abnormally, please stop using the machine immediately, ask the professional maintenance personnel to check the repair, or contact the supplier.

Common problem

If the separation capsule does not work well, please check:

Check if the swing arm activity on the die plate is flexible

Solution: Adjust the position of the swing arm and module

Capsule positioning steel needle position is wrong

Solution: Adjust the position of the swing arm and module

Displacement of two mold plates

Solution: Pay attention to the installation of the mold plate. The module swing arm on the AB mold plate should be on the same horizontal line as much as possible.

Mold plate channel blockage

Solution: Rotate the die in the direction of rotation, check each die channel, and clear the blocked capsule

Module model is wrong

Solution: Replace the required module

Machine speed is too fast

Solution: choose the appropriate speed

Capsule deformation

Solution: Replace the capsule

Electrical schematic


QS Air circuit breaker UP Intelligent governor SA power switch button
FJ Axial Fan M1 Main motor M2 Limit electric motor
M3 Vortex pump M4 Feed motor M5 Vibration motor




Use this machine to separate the capsules. Most of the time, the cap and body are separated and sometimes mixed together, but they are not the same size and can be screened directly with a capsule.

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