Semi-automatic Auger Filler Line HZSL-B

The line of semi-automatic auger fillers is the ultimate in operator convenience. The innovative design and PLC-based controls make each filler an affordable, reliable auger filler with the same rugged construction.

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The line of semi-automatic auger fillers is the ultimate in operator convenience. The innovative design and PLC-based controls make each filler an affordable, reliable auger filler with the same rugged construction.

It is the ultimate in operator convenience – precision engineered for time saving, cost cutting performance.


Model HZSL-B
Feeding height 1600mm
Volume 120L
Voltage AC220V, 50/60HZ
Power 1.8KW
Dimensions 2200mm*900mm*2050mm
Machine package dimensions 1140mm*1030mm*1180mm
Feeder package dimensions 2450mm*240mm*500mm
Machine package weight 147kg
Feeder package weight 40kg


  • Reduce dust, reduce labor intensity - improve labor efficiency; the material mouth is a round material mouth, and there is no dead angle for cutting.
  • Wide range of applications - This product is mainly used for powder and pellet loading, and is suitable for equipment loading in industries such as food, chemical, building materials, plastics and packaging.
  • Wide range of applicable materials - capable of handling a variety of powder materials, storage tanks and spiral conveyor tubes are made of stainless steel;
  • The vibration amplitude is adjustable - the vibration amplitude of each switch of the feeding motor and the vibration motor is adjustable, and the whole spiral can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
  • Easy to disassemble - soft connection between storage bin and screw conveyor, easy to disassemble;
  • Convenient cleaning - the lower end of the storage bin has a discharge port and a positive and negative switch for easy cleaning;
  • Convenient feeding - the storage tank is equipped with a vibration motor, so that the material passes through the spiral conveying pipe to the discharge port.


1.Forward/reverse switch 2.Vibration switch 3.Vibration motor
4.Feeding motor 5.Discharge port 6.Bearing cap
7.Outlet 8.Spiral duct 9.Storage bin
Note: “1” in the forward/reverse switch indicates forward rotation and loading; “2” indicates reverse rotation and clearing.

Installation & Test

Make sure the machine is in good condition before installation, all parts are complete and no damage.

Place the device on a level, level floor, easy to maintain and repair, and secure the device.

Check the power supply to make sure it is consistent with the power used by the machine.

Check the screw feeder to ensure that there are no foreign objects in the screw feeder.

Press the forward/reverse switch to “1”, and load the machine to check whether the motor steering is the same as the mark steering. If it is different, turn it to “2”.


First check if the switch is in the initial position.

Turn on the power.

The forward/reverse switch is turned to "1" and loaded.

Put the raw materials to be transported into the storage bin.

Monitor the operation of the machine.

After the raw material is delivered, the forward/reverse switch is turned to “0” and the machine stops running.

Common Problem

The casing of the machine appears to be shaking

When the machine is installed, the center line of each spiral section is different, so that when it is running, the machine will be eccentric and the outer casing will sway. Need to reinstall and find the centerline, so the machine will be stable

Cutting motor burned down

There is a hard block or small iron block mixed in the conveying material of the screw feeder, the reamer is stuck, the motor is overloaded, and the motor is burned. The small iron block should be prevented from entering and the reamer and the casing should be kept at a certain gap.

Spiral feed casing shakes or has abnormal noise

When the screw feeder is installed, the center line of each screw is not the same. Please re-install the center line or replace the screw.


good auger filler

I have been using it to fill our products, working with my assembly line, very efficient

From: Guest | Date: 9/19/2019 5:00 AM

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