V Blender Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine V500 - V4000

V dry powder mixer blending machine is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.

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V type dry powder mixer blending machine is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.
The cylindrical structure is the distinguishing feature and the mixing ability is well-proportioned and efficient with no blind spots in the cylinders and no accumulation of materials.
V type dry powder mixer machine is straightforward and it is easy to operate with the surface that is easy to clean in a highly finished stainless steel.

Working Principles: The reducing mechanism drives the barrel rotary, and the length of two barrels is different, which will produce asymmetry. And then the machine take advantage of this asymmetry for mixing materials. When the machine is running, materials from the decomposition to the combination, as potential energy differences, which will produce lateral force to promote the horizontal exchange of materials; and materials from the combination to the decomposition, as materials plane differences, which will produce lateral force to promote the horizontal exchange of materials again. The barrels rotary one cycle, which will make 25% of materials flow from one barrel to the other one; at the same time the materials will also produce radial flow, and then the materials can horizontally and radially decompose, alternating combination, so that the materials can mix evenly.

Operation and Maintenance: 1. Connect the power first, setting the required mixing time, then turn on the switch, the machine begin running. 2. After the mixing, if you found that the position of discharging port is not the best position, you should turn off the power first, and adjust the position of discharging port. 3. Before you use the machine, you should check the appliance, if it is normal; and check the covers of mixing barrels, if the covers are tightly closed. 4. User should clean the machine after the finish of work, especially the barrels, prevent the residual materials. 5. Note that the reducer should be added enough lubricating oil(generally use the 30 # machine oil), and the transmission should be added grease lubricant. 6. Users should maintain the machine once each half of year, change the lubricating oil of reducer, check if the appliance is aging, the appliance should be replaced if it is aging. 7. After you have been using the machine for one year or more, you should make a big maintenance, check the gab between each parts, and appropriately adjust them, so that the machine can keep in good condition.


Model V-500 V-1000 V-1500 V-2000 V-2500 V-4000
Volume 500L 1000L 1500L 2000L 2500L 4000L
Max. Filling Capacity 200L 400L 600L 800L 1000L 1600L
Best Filling Capacity 100L 200L 300L 400L 500L 800L
Power 1.5KW 3KW 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW
Rotational Speed  12r/min 12r/min 10r/min 10r/min 10r/min 10r/min
Dimensions(mm) 2500x1220x2720 2975x1600x3000 3190x1900x3100 3800x1900x3310 3990x1990x3790 4945x2200x4230


  • Place the machine on a flat and sturdy surface so it will run smoohtly and effciently.
  • Before use, check the gear reducer to ensure there has enough oil.
  • Run an empty load. Check carefully to make sure the machine is under good condition.
  • The materials should not exceed 40% of the cylinder's limit.
  • It is necessary to clean the hopper completely when changing materials or when finishing a run.


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