Intelligent high-speed roller blister packaging machine DPH260H

DPH260H highly intelligent high-speed roller blister packaging machine is used for blister-type aluminum (PTP)/plastic (PVC) composite sealing packaging of medicines (tablets, capsules), food, medical equipment, health products, electronic components and similar materials. Special equipment, due to the use of positive pressure forming and rolling heat sealing, it has the characteristics of crisp blister and flat plate.

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DPH260H intelligent high-speed roller blister packaging machine is a new generation product carefully researched and developed by our company. Its punching times can reach up to 200 times per minute, which is about four times higher than ordinary blister packaging machines. It combines the advantages of flat-plate and drum-type blister packaging machines, and is equipped with a special special-shaped tablet feeder. It has high punching frequency, low energy consumption, accurate and stable movement, convenient mold replacement, high yield, and the ability to misprint With the features of no horizontal waste edge punching (annual saving of more than 400,000 yuan in consumables), production efficiency is greatly improved. The design of the whole machine is more rational, using frequency conversion speed regulation and integrated automatic control technology of machinery, electricity, light and gas, and innovating in strict accordance with the requirements of the "GMP" standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
Design, separate combination of the whole machine, modular workstation structure and many other functions.


  • The fuselage is welded by a 20mm whole piece of arch, and the base is welded by a combination of channel steel and flat plate. The base of the whole machine is stable and smoother and more stable during high-speed operation.
  • The front door is all made of tempered glass, which is strong, transparent, easy to clean, and more beautiful overall. The aluminum alloy tempered glass protective door has a built-in Schneider door magnetic switch (CE certified) for protection. When the protective door is opened during the normal production process of the machine, the machine will automatically stop working to ensure the safety of the operator.
  • The balcony-style operation from left to right is more in line with humanized design.
  • Using integral rails, mold replacement is quick and easy, easy to clean and maintain, and leaves no dead ends.
  • The external PVC membrane and PVC connection device make it more convenient to replace the membrane and save time in replacing the membrane.
  • Modular design makes mold changing more convenient and faster.
  • Wrong version punching can save about 440,000 packaging materials annually.
  • Punching speed ≤200 punching/min (standard version 600)
  • Modular design and more reasonable layout.
  • The water path, gas path and circuit are hidden in design, and the layout is simple and clear.
  • Rotatable electrical cabinet makes maintenance faster and more convenient.


Loading speed60-200time/min
Optional range of feed stroke100-280mm
Maximum forming area260×280mm
Maximum forming depth12mm
Motor Power2.2KW
Total power of power supply18.1KW
Power supply three-phase five-wire380/50 V/HZ
Cooling water nominal volumetric flow rate ≥20L/min
water pipe pressure 0.1~0.15Mpa
Air pump nominal solvent flow ≥0.5m³/min
Rated scheduling pressure ≥0.5Mpa
Packaging material tap water or back water 0.25×260 mm
heat seal aluminum foil 0.02×260 mm
Formed aluminum foil 0.15×260 mm
Dimensions 4860×1420×2100 mm
weight 4100kg


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