Manual Capsule Counter

Are you still worried about capsule counting? Why not choose a capsule counter? The manual capsule counter is the most suitable counting tool. Designed according to the shape of capsule, the counting is fast and accurate. What's more, it is sanitary due to avoiding touch on capsules.

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Manual Capsule Counter Features

·Customeized holes and hole number.

·Adopt buffer intact design.

·Speed up to 20% 

·Materials are imported acrylic

Fast & accurate counting: With the fixed holes on manual counters, it is easy to count number of capsules for any size of capsule / tablet.

Easy & sanitary bottling: Completely avoid human contact with the product during operation, making pills in line with hygiene requirements.

It could be a backup solution for automatic pill counting machines.

Production Details

This counting board counts 15/30/50/60/80/90/100/120/180 pcs capsules per time.Size from (000-5). We can make the counting amount number as customer request,but it will cost extra.



Very useful

After receiving the goods, I immediately used it. The size of the hole is quite suitable. It is suitable for counting capsules. It is no longer necessary to count one by one. It saves a lot of effort and the material is very good and healthy.

From: Guest | Date: 9/17/2019 2:24 AM

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