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Desktop Pure Electric Blister Sealing Machine EBM-V

Desktop Pure Electric Blister Sealing Machine EBM-V, The standard plate can be heat-sealed five plates at a time, which greatly improves the production efficiency. It is suitable for laboratories/hospitals.

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EBM-V Electric Aluminum-plastic Blister Sealing Machine was successfully developed and put on the market. There’s no need to beequipped with pneumatic and vacuum, it can be operated as long as it is connected to the power supply! The shape is exquisite and beautiful, and the operation is simple. It can heat seal five standard sheets at one time, greatly improving production efficiency.It is suitable for laboratories/hospitals.


  • EBM-V is a pure electric blister sealing equipment, without an air compressor, to complete the blister with larger sealing size and increase the output by 5 times.
  • It supports aluminum-plastic blister, paper-plastic blister, and aluminum-aluminum sealing.
  • Standard pre-formed blister sheets with precise positioning makes the finished product achieve the same effect as the fully automatic model.
  • Fully enclosed heating chamber to reduce the risk of customer burns;
  • The whole machine is equipped with overheat protection and short circuit protection;
  • Wide power supply, support 110V - 230V voltage
  • The machine is small and has no air compressor access, especially suitable for laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, and mass production.


Model EBM-V
Power supply AC 110~220V 50/60Hz
Power 2.2kW
Plate size MAX 215*175mm
Heat sealing temperature 120-150℃
Production efficiency 60pcs/min (standard version)
Dimensions 395(L)*250(W)*385(H) mm3
Net weight 45kg


Five plates at a time very Good

Five plates at a time very Good

From: Sean | Date: 7/8/2022 5:21 AM

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