Powder Filling Production Line Bottling Line

The whole set of line functions includes: automatic bottle unscrambler,automatic auger filling machine,automatic capping machine,induction sealing machine,self-adhesive labeling machine and turntable unscrambler.

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  • Bottle unscrambler——Auger filling machine——Capping Machine——Induction sealing machine——Labeling machine——Bottle unscrambler
  • Powder filling line can be used in medicine, industry, chemical industry, food and other industries.
High-speed Automatic Bottle Unscrambler
  • This machine is suitable for round /spare ( PE,PP,PS,PET) with different sizes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Photoelectric detection function: detecting whether there is blocking on the conveyor belt behind.
  • High bottle loading rate: using the automatic reverse bottle mechanism and the reverse bottle blowing device to blow the unqualified bottles back into the bottle sorting tray.
Model PBL-160
Max. output 120 Bottles/min
Bottle size 20-300 ml
Voltage 220V /50-60 Hz
Power 0.2KW
Air pressure 0.4 Mpa
Dimension ( L×W×H) 1065×1600×1200 mm
Weight 200 kg
Automatic Auger Filling Machine
  • This machine is a complete, economical solution to your filling production line requirements.
  • It fits more to the fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, albumen powder, pharmaceuticals, condiment, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, and so on.
  • Stainless steel structure; The quick disconnecting hopper could be washed easily without tools.
  • PLC, touch screen and weighing module control.
  • Replacing the auger parts, it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.
  • Include handwheel of adjustable height.
Model BotCN-Pow 2.4
Dosing mode Directly dosing by auger
Filling weight 10 – 5000g
Filling accuracy ≤ 500g, ≤±1%; >500g, ≤±0.5%
Filling speed 15 – 40 bottles per min
Power supply 3P AC208 - 415V  50/60Hz
Air supply 6 kg/cm0.05m3/min
Hopper volume 50L(Enlarged size 70L)
Total power 1.6Kw
Total weight 300kg
Overall dimensions 2000×970×2030mm
Fully-automatic Capping Machine
  • Wide range of applications, apply all different round, rectangular and most irregular bottles and containers.
  • Good capping effect: The capping wheel is made of new silicone material, which fits better with the bottle cap, and the capping wheel has a long service life.
  • The capping speed is 3-4 times higher than the traditional claw capping machine, and it can effectively prevent common defects such as burrs on the bottle body and bottle cap breakage.
Model PBX-160
Max. capacity Max. 100 Bottles/Min
Size of cap Dia. 15-60MM
Size of bottle 15-250ML
Voltage AC220V , Single Phase, 50Hz
Power 1500 W
Overall dimension 2600 (L)*1100(W)*2000 (H)mm
Weight 500kg (with conveyor)
Induction Sealing Machine
  • The induction heating head adopts the circulating water to cool.
  • The machine is suitable for sealing the caps of all round bottles and some special-shaped bottles with aluminum foil, and the finished product rate of aluminum foil sealing basically reaches 100%.
  • The unique structure of the tunnel induction head, electrical modular control, better stability, and stronger sealing.
  • The purpose is to make the products in the container are moisture-proofed, mildew-proofed and anti-counterfeiting.
Model PBFK-260
Suitable for bottle Bottle Body Dia. :Φ20~Φ100mm
Bottle Mouth Dia.:Φ20mm~Φ50mm
Bottle Height :30mm~200 mm
Output Max. 150 bottles/min
Power Voltage : AC220V ±10% 50/60Hz
Max. Power: 4Kw
Air supply 0.1 M3/h
Air pressure 0.4Mpa
Cooling water Purified water
Outer dimension(mm) L×W×H=1600×950×1250
Self-adhesive Labeling Machine
  • The label feeder is controlled by the servo motor of Japan's Panasonic, the label does not slip. The label feeding precision is high, and the label position can be adjusted.
  • A linear roller device is added to prevent labels from falling off and being broken, which improves production efficiency.
  • The new high-speed coding machine has strong applicability, thermal code printing, and clear and beautiful fonts. The coding position can be adjusted within a 360-degree range. It can be printed horizontally and vertically.
Model PBTB-160
Max. capacity 120 Bottles/min
Size of container 50-500 ML
Size of label

Length 25-200 mm

Width 25-90 mm

Voltage AC220V / 50HZ
Power 2000W
Overall dimension (L) 2000 × (W) 1150 × (H) 1650mm
Weight 300KG
Bottle Turntable Unscrambler
  • Manually put the bottle neck up on the tray, and the bottle will automatically enter the conveyor belt of the next link. The turntable unscrambler has a wide range of applications.
Model PBL-Z
Applicable bottle size (ml) 15-300
Production capacity (bottles/min) 20-60
Power 200VAC, 50/60HZ
Dimensions (mm) 950×750×1100
Weight (kg) 60

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