Semi Auto Vitamins Gummies Bear Candy Hard Candy Depositing And Forming Set CTG-LD20

This is the smallest production line for candy a newly designed compact hard/gummy candy machine was made for a pharmacy company we realized this is a newly available small commercial machine for new confectionery investors.

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CTG-LD20 Semi-auto Lab Candy Depositing and Forming Set is a semi-automatic candy production equipment that integrates high efficiency, energy saving and space saving. It is especially suitable for pharmaceutical companies or investors new to the candy manufacturing business. It is easy to operate and requires moderate maintenance, and can realize the continuous production of candies of different specifications with low labor costs.
The processing line is an advanced and continuous plant for making different sizes of candies. It is an ideal equipment that can produce good quality products with the saving of both the manpower and the space occupied.

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Capacity 1-20 pcs/time (gummy quantity can by customized)
Depositing speed 10-30 times/min
Power supply 3.2KW
Air pressure > 0.4 MPa
Weight 120kg
Dimensions 800*800*1700mm


  •  Check the integrity of the equipment: Before operation, you must check whether any parts of the equipment are damaged or loose during transportation to ensure that the equipment can be used after installation and debugging.

  • Correctly connect related equipment: Make sure all related equipment is installed correctly and that cables and air pipes are properly connected.

  • Set temperature: After starting the device, set the correct temperature according to your needs.

  • Injection molding operation: Control the amount of injection molding each time by adjusting the piston stroke. Pay attention to the slow and steady adjustment.

  • Add syrup: Manually add syrup to the hopper, being careful not to overfill to avoid overflowing.

  • Mold installation and alignment: Place the mold on the mold plate, push it under the hopper and align it with the injection molding head.

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