Semi-automatic Foot-operated Candy Depositing and Forming Set CTG-S80

This processing line is an advanced continuous equipment, applicable for the production of various types of jelly candies. The machine has compact structure, stable performance and convenient control. It is an ideal equipment that not only saves manpower and space, but also produces high-quality products.

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Operation Steps

  1. Preheating: Turn on the power switch, set the temperature of each gear, turn on the heating switch of each gear, and turn on the circulating water pump.
  2. Cooking: The pots are all cooking pots. According to the formula, add water to the sugar cooking pot, and when the temperature reaches 60 degrees, add the mixed jelly and sugar to melt the jelly (in the case of pectin or carrageenan). At the same time turn on the stirring, and when the temperature rises to 100 degrees, observe whether it has been dissolved, then add the remaining sugar and continue to cook. After reaching the set temperature, turn off the sugar heating switch, add the additives such as flavor and pigment required by the formula, and mix and stir.
  3. Material storage: After meeting the mixing requirements, open the melted sugar discharge valve and the melted sugar convey switch for material conveying. Turn on the storage material stirring in due course. Turn off the material convey switch, melted sugar mixing, melted sugar discharge valve, and melted sugar convey. Turn on the cleaning switch of the sugar pot for cleaning, and prepare the hot water for cleaning the depositing system in advance.
  4. Unloading: According to the temperature of the depositing system and the cooling system, turn on the unloading pump at the right time, and adjust the frequency of the unloading pump according to the dosage of the gating system.

Temperature Setting

  • Sugar melting temperature: about 110 degrees
  • Sugar melting oil temperature: 135 degrees - 160 degrees
  • Sugar liquid temperature: about 85 degrees
  • Storage temperature and preservation temperature: 80-110 degrees Celsius
  • Circulating water temperature: 85 degrees
  • The material temperature, liquid sugar temperature and circulating water temperature of the sugar can be properly adjusted according to different processes and jelly.
  • The temperature of melting sugar and the temperature of storage materials are prohibited to exceed 160 degrees, so as not to cause the heat transfer oil to be too high and cause jets to cause burns. When it is lower than 135 degrees, the heat is not enough, so increase the cooking time.


Output 20kg/h
Depositing speed 10-30 times/min
Power 220V 60Hz 2P 3.8kW
Weight 120kg
Dimensions 800*800*1700mm


  • Routine maintenance: cleaning, lubricating, tightening loose parts, checking the integrity of parts. There are fewer repair items and parts, most of which are external to the equipment.

  • Primary maintenance: general tightening, cleaning, lubrication, local adjustment. Primary maintenance and secondary maintenance are generally undertaken by the operator.

  • Secondary maintenance: internal cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and partial disassembly inspection.

  • Tertiary maintenance: disassembly, inspection and adjustment of the main parts of the machine. If necessary, replace parts that have reached the specified wear limit. In addition, the wear of major components needs to be measured, evaluated and recorded. The secondary maintenance and the tertiary maintenance are generally undertaken by full-time maintenance personnel with the participation of operators.

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