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Flat Semi Automatic Label Applicator Machine MT-60M

Semi automatic adhesive sticker labeling machine for plane surface MT-60 is for various kinds of products labeling , there is a large adjustable range for the bottle and lid.

$1,639.00 USD


Semi Automatic Label Applicator Machine for plane surface MT-60 is for various kinds of products labeling , there is a large adjustable range for the bottle and lid. Suitable for all kinds of products which are flat.

The machine adopts high precision intelligent electric eye and extremely reliable programmable logic controller (PLC) for label peeling, label outputting and labeling. Adhesive labels will be adsorbed to the labeling head by air pressure, and then will be labelled on the item. And this machine is equipped with a coding machine, and is able to finish labeling and printing at the same time.Click to view our Code Printer Machine.

After you putting the objects on the instructed position, the machine will finish the labeling process.


  • Labeling on the flat surface of various items
  • Labeling on the flat surface of square bottles filled by cosmetics and Drugs
  • Labeling or anti-counterfeit labeling on the flat surface of various kinds of boxes
  • Labeling on the surface of LCD screen, electronic components, and is widely applied in many industries, such ascosmetics, daily chemical, electronics, food and medicine.


  • Labeling efficiency is up to 60pcs/min
  • Labeling head is greatly adjustable in order to cater for various needs
  • Excellent effect can be delivered for labels with no wrinkles and no bubbles.
  • Considerable choice as using reputable PLC and sensor components for the most dependable performance we can deliver.
  • Could be working independently or coupled with production line.
  • Modular design, convenient maintenance and low cost.
  • Equipped with a coder to print production lot numbers and dates, and others.


Model MT-60M
Output  50pcs/min
Precision ± 1mm
Applicable bottles size Height: 180mm
Label roll   External diameter: 300mm; inner diameter: 75mm
Label size 10mm -120mm
Power 120W
Voltage 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Machine size  920x310x590mm (LxWxH)
Machine weight 35kg

Detail diagram

Label Applicator Machine Detail diagram

1. Tray mandrel 2. Organic glass label tray 3. Tray fixing block
4. Coding machine installing stand 5. Coding machine 6. Guide rod
7. Label sensor 8. Position adjusting screw 9. Height adjusting screw
10. Labeling head cylinder  11. Magnet switch 12. Coding machine sensor
13. Labeling head suction pipe socket 14. Stripping plate 15. Blowing rod
16. Workbench 17. Vacuum pump power cable 18. Vacuum pump power switch
19. Vacuum pump 20. Vacuum pump oil inlet 21. Vacuum pump oil-gas separator
22. Vacuum pump pipe socket 23. Footing 24. Label pulling motor
25. Label pulling soft roller 26. Label pulling knurl wheel 27. Backing paper clamp
28. Paper collecting wheel 29. Air source switch 30. Air pipe socket
31. Power switch    

Label Applicator Machine Detail diagram

1. Tension spring 2. Swing arm 3. Swing arm handle
4. Driving belt 5. Ribbon collecting wheel 6. Ribbon transferring wheel
7. Tensioning wheel spring 8. Eccentric Sheave 9. Pulley
10. Connecting rod  11. Ribbon sensor 12. Induction block
13. Proximity switch 14. Right-angle stand 15. Stepping arm screw
16. Stepping spring 17. Stepping arm roller 18. Stepping arm
19. Step pitch adjusting screw 20. Stepping wheel 21. Ribbon pressing roller
22. Heat insulation block 23. Tubular electric heating element 24. Character base handle
25. Dovetail printing head 26. Catch pin 27. Copper character

Label Applicator Machine Detail diagram

Label Applicator Machine Detail diagram

Label Applicator Machine Detail diagram

Control panel of the coding machine

Temperature knob: clockwise rotate temperature-adjusting knob, the temperature increases, and counterclockwise rotate to lower the temperature.

“Check” button: Press down the "check" button to check whether the coding meets requirement.

Print switch: Press this button to start printing.

Power switch: Switch of coding machine.