5 Factors affecting Accuracy of Pill Counting Machine

- Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Pill counting machine is a machine suitable for counting capsules, tablets, foods and other products in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. With the upgrading of the concept of consumption, the counting accuracy of pill counter is increasingly valued by manufacturers. The following are some of the factors that affect the accuracy of the pill counter.

Improper operation

The operator did not preheat the machine before starting the machine as required by the operating procedures. Or during the operation of the machine, the operator does not replenish the material in the hopper in time, affecting the separation state of the material on the oscillating plate, which will result in inaccurate product counting.

Machine factor

The design of the machine has a lot of impact on the accuracy of the machine. For example, if the hopper is not designed to take into account the change in gravity, it will affect the fluidity and material ordering of the material in the oscillating plate, resulting in inaccuracies; Some part of the machine is made of plexiglass. When the material falls freely from the detection channel, the friction is generated by high-speed rotation in the shield to generate static electricity, or some Chinese medicine components also generate static electricity during the friction process, so the effective amount of the material being adsorbed on the falling particle shield to be dropped into the bottle is reduced, which will also cause a few inaccuracies.

Material factor

When the tablets and capsules are produced, due to the dust contained in the materials, the accumulation of dust in the detection channel blocks the infrared rays, so that the counting circuit cannot work normally.


The quality of the compressed air can affect the accuracy of the count. The compressed air with enough water content has a great influence on the sensitivity of the actuator cylinder. Once the sensitivity of the cylinder decreases, the accuracy of the counting cannot be guaranteed.

Excessive natural light in the room can also affect the infrared receiver, which affects the accuracy of counting.

Cylinder sensitivity drop

As the actuator of the capsule counting machine, the speed of the reaction directly affects the accuracy of the counting. The reasons for the decrease in cylinder sensitivity include moisture content in compressed air, non-cylinder-specific grease, impurities entering the cylinder, and seals of cylinders leaking.

Anyway, the accuracy of the capsule counter will affect the production of the enterprise. The operators need to check and pay more attention to the above aspects to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and ensure the accurate counting of the products.


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