Application of powder vacuum conveyor in different industries

- Monday, July 8, 2019

At present, automatic conveyors are becoming more and more popular, and people are increasingly demanding the product's conveying strength, food grade, anti-corrosion grade, and aesthetics. The vacuum powder conveyor adopts a streamlined cone structure, which realizes the transportation without material storage. It can meet the application of different environments, and can be applied to all walks of life.

Food industry

vacuum conveyor in food industry

In the food industry, vacuum powder conveyors are mainly used for flour, seasonings and other materials. In the process of transferring flour from the storage room to the production workshop, if the flour is transported by human, it not only takes a lot of manpower and time, but also may cause the flour to be contaminated. The vacuum conveyor can solve this problem perfectly. In addition, pipeline transportation also avoids dust pollution and creates a good production environment for employees.


vacuum conveyor in agriculture

In agriculture, grain vacuum powder conveyors are often used. With a vacuum powder feeder, automatic loading and unloading can be accomplished by simply stacking grains such as wheat in one place and then pumping with a suction machine gun. With this type of equipment, operators can save a lot of labor costs and time.

Chemical & pharmaceutical industry

vacuum conveyor in pharmaceutical industry

For a long time, in the production of solid preparations in the pharmaceutical industry, the problem of powder material transportation between production stages has become an important issue in improving production processes and improving product quality. Manual handling of materials increases the potential for cross-contamination of materials. And during the transportation process, it may cause a lot of dust, pollute the environment and affect the health of the operator. Some materials are also flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, corrosive and have other special properties, which are not suitable for manual handling of materials. Therefore, the pneumatic vacuum conveying system is mainly used for the transportation of powdery, granular and other solid materials in the pharmaceutical industries. This kind of machine can be used together with main process equipment such as mixer, granulator, tablet press, coating machine, capsule filling machine and packaging machine. It plays a positive role in optimizing the production process, effectively reducing cross-contamination and dust, and improving the quality of pharmaceutical production.


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