Auger Powder Filling Machine HZF-B Precautions

- Thursday, September 19, 2019

A ground wire must be used before the powder dosing machine is used. Please confirm whether the voltage is consistent with the specifications of the machine before use.

If the power cord, plug or other parts are found to be damaged, they must be stopped. Please replace and repair them with professional personnel to avoid injury.

Be careful with safety. Do not put your hand into the Auger Powder Filling Machine when filling.

In case of emergency, press the red emergency stop button directly.

Keep the weighing platform clean.

In the event of a malfunction, non-professionals are not allowed to open the electrical box, and professional personnel should check and repair it to avoid injury.

Installation and use environment of the equipment: It is required to be room temperature, and it is not easy to use in high temperature, humidity, acid and alkaline environment, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and precision of the equipment.

Use tools and materials: compressed air

Pre-use check

  • You must check the weighing platform for any debris, and any debris should be disposed of immediately.
  • The reliability of the pipeline and joint of the trachea should be dealt with promptly if there is looseness or leakage.
  • Observe whether the power supply is normal and the power cord is damaged.
  • The machine should be well grounded.
  • Try it out and observe whether the machine is abnormal or not. It should be solved in time.

After each use, the work surface should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the weighing platform. If you stop using it for a long time, empty the material in the pipe.


Clean the machine. Wipe the outside of the machine with a soft, dry cloth. Use dust to clean the area where there is too much dust.

Keep clean and hygienic work, keep the surface of the machine clean; often remove the accumulated material on the scale body, and keep the inside of the electric control cabinet clean.

Regular maintenance

The sensor is a high-precision, high-sealing, high-sensitivity device. It is strictly forbidden to impact and overload. It must not be touched during work. It is not allowed to disassemble for non-overhaul.



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