Auger Powder Filling Machine HZF-C Precautions

- Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Start mixing when loading, avoiding the occurrence of materials on one side and less on one side, and distributing evenly in the hopper.

You must follow the steps in the instruction manual when you first dispense. Otherwise, the filling accuracy and error correction cannot be performed or adjusted. Before the formal filling, let the machine start the next time, so that the screw inside the cup is full of materials.

the packaging workers must be standardized! Do not let the material in the material cup and the material in the filling container squeeze each other when the material is picked up. Otherwise, it may cause leakage due to changes in the adhesion of the material, resulting in inaccurate measurement or large measurement fluctuation.

After the packaging work is finished, unload the material in the silo and clean the screw cup to avoid the agglomeration of the remaining material due to the unclear material of the last work during the next work, which affects the packaging accuracy (because the Chemical raw materials are easy to suck The characteristics of the tide).

keep the photoelectric switch head clean, so as to avoid the photoelectric action is not sensitive due to dust adhesion, resulting in incorrect feeding or no action, affecting its life. Note: Misuse the hard brush to clean the photoelectric sensor head!

When there is foreign matter at the mouth of the cup during work, stop it and take it out. Note: Do not use your hands to remove foreign objects before shutting down, so as to avoid damage to the body caused by the rotation of the photoelectric screw!

packaging materials must not have soft and hard foreign objects! So as not to affect the measurement accuracy and damage the screw.

non-management personnel should not arbitrarily adjust the parameters, so as not to modify the memory program parameters, affecting the packaging accuracy.

When you hear the abnormal sound of the hopper, you should immediately stop the material in the hopper and take out the foreign object before starting work.

Turn off the Auger Powder Filling Machine before the person leaves the machine. Ensure that the machine has intermittent work and heat dissipation, avoiding continuous temperature rise due to continuous work, increasing equipment wear and reducing the service life of the whole machine and parts.

When replacing and cleaning the screw of the cup, avoid horizontal swinging the screw to avoid smashing the screw slot. This will cause the screw to be fixed and the wear of the cup will be aggravated during the next work, which will affect the measurement accuracy. Remove the screw from the upper and lower activities. When the difficulty is removed, the long shaft can be loosened and taken out and the screw is taken. After finishing, repair the card slot and internal foreign objects or materials.

Once the equipment has abnormal sounds, it should be stopped immediately, and the work can be started after the fault is eliminated. Avoid: for work progress without downtime, this will cause more damage and wear of the equipment, affecting its subsequent filling measurement and service life.

The same material filling and filling specifications can be changed only by changing the value of filling.

After the equipment is used for a period of time, due to the intermittent nature of the work, the impact of the partial parts with impact will produce some noise. Note: It is normal for the sound to be balanced and free of noise.


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