Blister packaging in the Field of Cosmetics

- Wednesday, June 19, 2019

With the continuous improvement of the packaging industry, new types of packaging materials and packaging products have emerged in the market. A blister package capable of sealing a product between a blister formed by a transparent plastic sheet and a bottom plate is a packaged product that has been developed according to market demand.

The initial application of blister packs focused on packaging in the field of pharmaceuticals such as tablets, capsules, and suppositories. The transparent blister packaging can give an intuitive feeling on the shape and size of the products in the package, and the printable substrate also facilitates the enterprise to identify the number of items in the package, and also facilitates the consumer to observe the state of the product.

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Nowadays, with the constant changes in market demand, blister packaging is gradually being applied to food, cosmetics, stationery, toys, gifts and other packaging. Especially in the field of cosmetics, blister packaging can protect the packaging products intact. The blister packaging which can be waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof and rust-proof is very suitable for the packaging requirements of cosmetic products. Therefore, it is nowadays more and more used in the field of cosmetic packaging for displaying cosmetics such as foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and the like.

The blister pack is easy to open and easy to use. When packaging cosmetic products, cosmetics can be dispensed. Each time a single item is taken, it does not affect the sealing and protection of other cosmetic products in the package, which is convenient for consumers.

At the same time, with the improvement of packaging technology, the blister packaging of cosmetics is no longer limited to transparent packaging, but can be printed on the base film with the needs of cosmetics companies, attracting consumers with rich color printing; and the blister has certain elasticity which makes the package have a certain cushioning performance. When packaging cosmetics, it can protect the packaged product from being easily damaged by external factors such as being squeezed and collided during transportation.


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