Blister Packing Machine ABM-I Manual - Installation & Operation

- Wednesday, June 12, 2019


  • Adjust the temperature by pressing the arrow keys. The program of the temperature controller has been locked up, please do not try to enter in.
  • Please adjust the temperature between 95-140 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the blister sheet would be deformed, while with the temperature which is too low, the heating effect would be not good.
  • Time setting (Note: the unit, mode and numerical range have been set, please do not adjust them): rotate the rotary cover of the timer. If time is set to be too long, the blister sheet would be deformed.

Blister Packing Machine ABM-I


  • Plug in the power cable and connect the Blister Packing Machine to the air supply
  • Turn on the power switch, and make the selective switch point to “heating”, and then the machine starts to heat.
  • The temperature controller adopts intelligent microprocessor. While heating, it will automatically collect the temperature data for self-adjusting (PID). The machine warms up by segmented heating in the settemperature range, and it is ready for sealing blister sheets when its working temperature reaches the set temperature.
  • Open aluminum foil of the blister sheet, put in capsules or pills, cover the aluminum foil, and then put the blister sheet into the mold.
  • Push the mold into the machine, and press the “START” button,and then the machine will start to seal.
  • The sealing effect depends on the heating temperature and time, please adjust the temperature and time accordingly.
  • After the blister sheets are sealed, remove the mold and take out the blister sheet.


  • Please check the voltage the machine need!
  • After operation, please turn off the power supply and unplug the power plug!
  • Please use a single-phase grounding socket and ensure its grounding is reliable!
  • Do not allow water and flammable liquids to enter the inside of the machine!
  • Do not put the hands into the machine during operation to avoid being scalded or injured, as the temperature is high during operation.
  • Please do not turn on the switch if there is no mold inside the machine.
  • When any machine abnormality is found, please immediately stop using the machine, and contact professional or the supplier.

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