Bottle Solution: DDX-450 Semi-automatic Capping Machine

- Wednesday, August 7, 2019

In the packaging form of various kinds of medicine bottles, the screw cap has the advantages of quick sealing, strong sealing, easy opening, and repeated opening and packaging. Therefore, it is widely used in medicine and other fields.

The medical packaging design is mainly aim to be convenient to use. It also needs a certain degree of safety, which can prevent children from opening. The plastic cap of the screw cap has two functions: One is moisture resistance. As an inseparable part of the plastic bottle packaging, the desiccant in the bottle cap can absorb the water vapor in the bottle, keeping the environment inside the bottle stable, and preventing the drug from getting wet. The other is the sealing property, which protects the contents.

DDX-450 semi-automatic bottle capper is a desktop electric capping machine with beautiful appearance, simple adjustment, stable cap quality, low cost, convenient use, low pressure control, which is safe and reliable. This kind of equipment is widely used in small batches of round bottle capping packaging for medicines, health products, chemicals, cosmetics and so on.

DDX-450 bottle capper


  • Smooth operation and high work efficiency - This bottle capper machine adopts high-power double electromechanical to improve its working efficiency.
  • Safe operation - the bottle positioning device can prevent the bottle from falling over.
  • Convenient height adjustment - according to the bottle height adjustment knob, one can easily control the screw height of the machine.
  • A wide range of applications - with 3 kinds of capping heads, it is suitable for different type of caps.

Precautions for use:

  1. When adjusting the machine, the adjustment speed should be adjusted from slow to fast.
  2. Keep the work site clean and bright, and do not operate or store it in an explosive, flammable liquid, gas or dust environment.
  3. Before the electric capping machine is turned on, check whether the power supply voltage is normal and whether the socket has a safe grounding wire.
  4. The capping machine should not be used in a humid, corrosive gas environment and placed for a long time.
  5. It is strictly forbidden for underage children to contact this machine privately to avoid accidents.

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