Top 10 Capsule Filling Machine Suppliers in America

- Monday, March 20, 2023

In the pharmaceutical industry, capsules are the most essential products to develop for different purposes. Similarly, the equipment to develop the capsules plays a crucial role in effective manufacturing. If you are also running a pharmaceutical business and need a machine that works appropriately, first focus on finding good capsule filling machine manufacturers or suppliers.

For making the process of selecting the best company in the market easy, we listed the top 10 capsule filling machine suppliers in America. Check out the following companies that can help: 


Fette Compacting

New Jersey, USA
 2. United Pharmatek USA Texas, USA.
 3. ATG Pharma North America
 4. Schaefer Technologies Indiana, USA
 5. iPharmachine Ruian, China
 6. Capsugel New Jersey, USA
 7. LFA Texas, USA
 8. TES Equipment Supplier Orem, Utah, USA 
 9. CCS Index Pennsylvania, USA
 10. AlfaCaps LLC New York, USA

Fette Compacting

fette compacting

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

Company Profile:

Fette Compacting America, a direct extension of Fette Compacting GmbH. It was established in 1991 and since then the company has been providing top-notch machinery to industries in various fields. It is located in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA, and also has branches in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Moreover, Fette Compacting is an international market leader with over 5,000 installed machines for tablet presses in the pharma industry. It is also well-known for improving capsule fillings by being one of the top capsule filling machine manufacturers.

Key Products:

fette compacting capsule filler

fette compacting capsule filler 2

Here are some capsule filling machines by Fette Compacting:

  •  FEC20
  •  FEC40

Recommend Reasons:

  •  Compatible with SmartInterface.
  •  Flexible set-up to reduce time and money without compromising quality.
  •  Effective cleaning with appropriate handling and speedy changeover.
  •  Minimized machine downtimes and maximum production performance.

United Pharmatek USA

united pharmatek usa

Headquarters: Texas, United States

Company Profile:

United Pharmatek is another American enterprise that is specialized in providing high-quality manufacturing equipment. The company is already successfully serving the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Several machines that are supplied by this company include blenders, bottle labelers, blister packaging equipment, and more.

The goal of this article is to present you with capsule filling machine manufacturers. United Pharmtek is also a popular supplier of capsule filling machines.

Key Products:

united pharmatek capsule filler 1

unite pharmatek capsule filler 2

Check out some of the best capsule filling machines by United Pharmatek USA:

  •  UAF-C Automatic Capsule Filling Machines.
  •  USF-V Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machines.
  •  UAF-CL Liquid Capsule Filling Machines.

Recommend Reasons:

  •  All the machines are durable and reliable for production.
  •  Innovative design that is suitable for different size capsules.
  •  Achieve the CGMP requirements and the machines are less labor intensive.
  •  Highest accuracy along with faster operation and easy maintenance.

ATG Pharma

atg pharma

Headquarters: North America

Company Profile:

ATG Pharma is an enterprise established in the year 2003. The founder of the company is Mike Lio with over 20 years of exceptional experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Originally, ATG Pharma was started as an equipment validation and supply organization for the pharma industry.

Today, this firm's filling and packaging machines are helping various companies with semi and fully-automatic equipment. As the company has years of trust in esteemed customers, selecting it can be a great choice for purchasing your next capsule filling machine.

Key Products:

atg pharma capsule filler

atg pharma capsule filler 2

A few examples of capsule filling machines from ATG Pharma:

  •  ML-1VF
  •  RoboCAP RL-300

Recommend Reasons:

  •  Optimized low-volume product filling to provide maximum efficiency.
  •  Bottom-out pressure vessels with back pressure for guaranteed even product flows.
  •  Zero product wastage and minimizes the possibility of air bubbles.
  •  Constant heat distribution through the containers for effective production.

Schaefer Technologies, Inc.

schaefer technologies

Headquarters: Indiana, United States

Company Profile:

Schaefer Technologies, Inc. is a global distributor and manufacturer of capsule filling equipment and other machines. These devices fulfill the requirements of various industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, health, and more. Besides, the company is growing consistently with over six decades of serving satisfied clients.

Furthermore, an excellent part of a manufacturing company is its tech support for customers in situations of issues. The support provided by Schaefer Technologies makes it the best choice to pick it.

Key Products:

schaefer technologies capsule filler

schaefer technologies capsule filler 2

Here are some capsule filling machines manufactured by Schaefer Technologies, Inc:

  •  STI LF10
  •  STI Model 10 ver 5.1
  •  STI Robofill Liquid Filler

Recommend Reasons:

  •  All the machines are compliant with CGMP, FDA, and CE.
  •  High-speed equipment for improving accuracy and productivity.
  •  Protected manufacturing with safety interlocks and safety screws at access points.
  •  The company provides on-site field service and training.
  •  Quick delivery on replacement and changing parts.



Headquarters: China

Company Profile:

iPharmachine is an internationally leading capsule filling machine manufacturer. The company has an extensive history of developing machines for capsule production and related equipment. Besides, the firm has several patent technologies related to capsules. The machines designed by iPharmachine meet the CGMP standards.

With years of experience in providing excellent products to industries like pharmaceutical and healthcare, iPharmachine knows what works best for different areas. So, you can buy the best capsule filling machine for your company from here.

Key Products:

ipharmachine capsule filler 1

ipharmachine capsule filler 2

Some capsule filling types of equipment provided by iPharmachine are below:

  •  Fully-Automatic capsule filling machine SFK-700
  •  Full-automatic Capsule Filling Machine SFK-3000
  •  Automatic Capsule Filling Machine NJP-4000D
  •  Automatic Capsule Filler & Encapsulation Machine NJP-1200C
  •  Automatic Capsule Filling Machine NJP-2000C

Recommend Reasons:

  •  Innovative design totally in line with the CGMP and FDA specifications.
  •  Machines consume low energy and help in saving energy.
  •  High-quality electrical components for longer and more stable service life.
  •  Optimal productivity with low-maintenance and reduced downtime.


lonza (capsugel)

Headquarters: United States

Company Profile:

Lonza’s Capsules and Health Ingredients is a business producing solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. It is growing through the acquisitions of Capsugel and InterHealth Nutraceuticals. The company has served customers in over 100 countries and innovates with a combination of science and engineering.

Undoubtedly, Lonza’s Capsugel offers high-end capsule filling machines for pharmaceutical companies. The specialized capsules and equipment by the company are developed to keep the pharmaceutical firms ahead of their competitors.

Key Products:

capsulgel capsule filler 1

capsugel capsule filler 2

Below are some of Capsugel’s capsule filling equipment:

  •  Ultra III Capsule Filling Machine
  •  CFS 1200 Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine
  •  CFS 1500 Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine

Recommend Reasons:

  •  Cost-effective quality and excellent performance with touchscreen control.
  •  Increased productivity as the machines are efficient and reliable.
  •  Modern design for clean capsule filling operating with reduced wastage.
  •  High-precision automatic development-scale machines.


lfa logo

Headquarters: United States

Company Profile:

LFA Machines is a company serving different industries with the best capsule filling machines since 2009. The company provides various equipment like mixers, tablet presses, and capsule fillers. In the United States, other locations where the company is present are Taiwan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

As this article is focused on capsule filling, we will only focus on the machines for effective production in your business. So, let’s move ahead and check out the best capsule filler products.

Key Products:

if capsule filler 1

ifa capsule filler 2


Check some capsule filling machines by LFA:

  •  FACE Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  •  SACF 25 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Recommend Reasons:

  •  The high filling rate of the machines with large-scale production capacity.
  •  Both fully and semi-automatic capsule filling machines fulfill the GMP requirements.
  •  Minimal downtime in production with easy access to lubrication and cleaning.
  •  Stainless steel construction of the equipment for durability and hygiene.

TES Equipment Supplier

tes logo

Headquarters: Utah, United States

Company Profile:

TES Equipment Supplier is a well-known brand in America that was founded in the year 1997. The company offers excellent products with the facility of continuous service and significant warranty in the industry. In North and South America, TES is an exclusive distributor of equipment including capsule fillers, capsule polishers, mixers, and more.

Besides, the company has the highest standards of quality and the proof is its ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certifications. Choosing this company for buying a capsule filling machine would be the best decision.

Key Products:

tes capsule filler 1

ifa capsule filler 2

Some capsule filling machines by TES Equipment Supplier:

  •  TES 1200A Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  •  TES 2000A Automatic Capsule Filler
  •  TES 3000A Automatic Capsule Filler
  •  TES 5 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  •  TES 900 Automatic Capsule Filler

Recommend Reasons:

  •  Proximity sensors are there for the detection of low powder and capsules.
  •  Modern design with convenient touchscreen controls.
  •  Emergency stop button and automatically shut off on each door for the safety of the operators.
  •  Quick change over time helps in running different products or running one product continuously.
  •  Helpful 5 days of on-site training and installations.

CCS Index

ccs index

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States

Company Profile:

CCS Compression Components & Service, LLC was founded in 2002. It supports various industries with high-end equipment that can improve their production. In 2005, the CCS acquired the Stokes Tablet Press and Index Capsule Filler enterprises separately and began manufacturing innovative machines and control systems.

Overall, the company has significant experience in manufacturing equipment including control systems, capsule fillers, and tablet presses. You can simply order the one you want from its website.

Key Products:

ccs index capsule filler 1 

Excellent capsule filling machines that CCS Index offers:

  •  INDEX K90i
  •  INDEX K120i

Recommend Reasons:

  •  High accuracy with effective production.
  •  Stainless steel frame for reliable and durable results.
  •  For safety purposes, interlocks are integrated into every door.
  •  Modern touch screens make operator-friendly operations.

AlfaCaps LLC

alfacaps llc logo

Headquarters:New York, United States

Company Profile:

AlfaCaps LLC has a registered office in the core of New York. The company has been providing effective capsule filling machines in North America since 2016. There are two more offices situated in New York and Central California. Besides, AlfaCaps LLC provides complete tech support in situations of any inconvenience.

Additionally, AlfaCaps is serving the leading Nutra and pharma companies in more than 60 countries globally. It is possible because of their vast network including distributors, warehouses, offices, and agents.

Key Products:

alfacaps llc capsule filler 1

alfacaps llc capsule filler 2


Some capsule filling machines that AlfaCaps LLC manufactures:

  •  Alfa 60 B
  •  Alfa 150 B

Recommend Reasons:

  •  The innovative compact machine designs are compliant with FDA and GMP.
  •  High filling accuracy with effective storage and handling.
  •  Encapsulation machines range from semi to high-speed fully automatic.
  •  Buyers get comprehensive installation, tech support, and other service packages.


Above are the renowned brands that are serving various industries with capsule filling machines in America and around the world. If you want to pick one we would suggest iPharmachine for you. With exceptional options, you will get the best product for your enterprise.


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