Capsule Polishing Machine YJP-III: Working Principle & Operation

- Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Working Principle

Pour the filled capsules into the Capsule Polishing Machine hopper, and then the capsule is brought into the mesh cartridge by the rotating brush.

In the mesh cartridge, the capsules are polished and dedusted by the brush. Defective capsules without capsule caps, and materials scattered from capsules are recovered by the vacuum cleaner.

The brush sends the capsule to the outlet of the mesh cartridge.


Power supply

The power supply would be AC 220V /1 Phase, or 110V /1 Phase. The socket needs to be three-pin socket, and well grounded.

The ground line shall not be replaced in neutral line.

Start operation

Plug in the three-pin power cord and turn on the main power switch.

Press the switch, it shows in green, which means the machine is well connected to the power supply.

Rotate the speed control knob to set the rotation speed of the machine:

Place some capsules into the hopper of the polishing machine, and turn on the polishing machine. Check the capsule from the outlet, and then adjust the machine speed for better polishing.

Connect the vacuum cleaner to the polishing machine through the vacuum cleaner connector, turn on the vacuum cleaner for producing.

Turn off the vacuum cleaner after production, and turn off the machine switch and the green circle on the switch will disappear. Turn off the main power switch and pull out the plug.


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