CH Type Powder Mixers: Maintenance and Repair

- Friday, July 12, 2019

CH series mixers are horizontal trough-shaped single-blade mixers, which are mainly used for uniform mixing of different proportions of dry or wet powder materials in the pharmaceutical industry, and do not cause dissolution, volatilization or deterioration of materials during mixing. This kind of machine is also suitable for mixing different main and auxiliary materials in the chemical, food and other industrial sectors. However, it is not suitable for mixing semi-solid, liquid or excessively viscous materials.

CH powder mixer

1. If you often use the reducer, you should replace oil once every three months. And you should clean the reducer before you replace the oil.

2. The place between stirring gear bearing cap side with the shaft and blade, and the axis is equipped with oil cup lubrication. Add butter in butter gun every work-shift.

3. Regularly check the mechanical one-two times every month, check the worm, worm gear, bearing, seals, etc., make sure if the machine operate flexibly. If the fasteners are loosened, and if you found abnormal situation, please deal with it timely.

4. When the machine running, if found abnormal vibration or abnormal sound, operators should immediately stop machine and check it.

5. Electrical control components should be kept clean and sensitive, if failures are found, operators should repaired it promptly.

6. When assembly and disassembly the stirring slurry, which should be light demolition, stable equipment and light placed so as to avoid deformation and damage.

7. After the use of machine, please clean out the residual material of all parts. If long time no to use the machine, please clean the whole machine. The surface of machine parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, then cover with tarpaulins.


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