FAQ About Manual Capsule Filling Machine

- Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What is the output of manual capsule filling machine and why is it faster other competitors?

The manual capsule filling machine fills 50/100/400/800 capsules per cycle and can produce up to 600-1500/1200-3000/1800-2400/3200-4000 capsules an hour. The high quality and unique design features make it much faster and easier than other fillers on the market.

Which capsule filler should I pick?

The capsule filler shall be picked according to the capsule size, quantity you want to fill per time. Check out our Capsule Filler Selection Guide to find out the capsule filler you need to buy.

How accurate are fill weights?

The machine has a fill weight accuracy of ±5-7% of mean weight, which confirms to the GMP standard.

What types of capsules can I fill?

All types.And it is suitable for all of capsules meet the international standards.

What size of capsules can I fill?

This type of machine is designed to support the use of various capsule sizes, including #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. But, one set of capsule filler only suit for one size capsule. 

How can I store it?

The entire machine can comfortably fit in a regular office desk drawer. If you do not use for a long time, you’d better place vertically to prevent acrylic from distortion (Note: The acrylic will be distorted due to bearing weight).

What kind of supplements can I fill?

This machine can be used to fill capsules with various supplement including sticky powders or non-aqueous liquids, but the shelf life may be affected to some extent. And for tablets or pellets, you need to control the weight/amount manually.

Is there any difference between the CN-100 system and the CN-100CL system?

Yes. The difference lies in the screws on the bottom sheet. The screws of the CN-100CL system are specially dealt with, which makes the bottom sheet much easier to dismantle and clean, and thus the CN-100CL system may cost you a little bit more.

difference between the CN-100 system and the CN-100CL system

What fill materials are known to discolor CN-100?

Most fill materials will not discolor CN-100. We have found that beta-carotene discolors the powder spreader, which can be replaced. Riboflavin does not discolor any items.

Is there any other capsule filling systems available?

Yes, we have CN-120/240SCL semi-auto capsule fillers, and CN-100M semi-auto metal capsule fillers. 

How to fill empty capsules?

For a detailed tutorial, please check out the manual capsule filling machine operating procedure!

What are the cleaning recommendations for my machine?

You can gently wash the machine parts with warm water and allow to air dry.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to let us know via Contact us.

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