FZX Series Spiral Filling Machine Operation Steps and Precautions

- Tuesday, July 2, 2019


1. Put the material and press the “plus/minus button” on the control panel to set the weight of the required quantitative dispensing.

2. Set the speed. Through the control panel on the "fast, medium, slow", select the appropriate speed gear (the speed depends on the material particle size).

3. After the speed selection is completed, press the “Start” button and the machine will start to enter the automatic quantitative state. When the machine makes a “click” sound, it dispenses materials by quantity. At this time, when the container is close to the unloading sensor switch, the machine starts to unload. (Note: If the material weight does not meet the set requirements, the machine will not discharge.) After the material is discharged, the machine will automatically start to pack by quantity. You just need to wait for the machine to discharge. If you need to pause during the machine dispensing process, press the stop button to stop the machine from entering standby.

4. If the remaining material needs to be cleared, press the discharge button for 5 seconds while the machine is in the stopped state. At this time, the machine enters the clearing state. The vibrator works continuously, and the discharge door is opened. Press the stop button when finishing.


In order to avoid injury and loss to you and others, please be sure to observe the following safety precautions.

1. During the work process, it is forbidden to move or shake the dispensing equipment, otherwise it will affect the assembly accuracy and operation performance.

2. If the material is very long, it needs to be processed shorter.

3. Do not soak the equipment.

4. If there is dust in the plug, please clean it in time to avoid fire.

5. Do not modify it yourself. Except for the guidance of maintenance technicians, other personnel shall not disassemble or repair them to avoid fire, electric shock or injury.

6. The power cord should not be forced to bend, close to high temperature, bundled, carrying heavy objects. The plug needs to be completely inserted into the socket. Do not use the power plug if it is damaged or the socket plug is wet, so as to avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, short circuit, etc.

7. Do not let children use it. The equipment should be placed in a place where infants and young children cannot touch, so as to avoid dangerous accidents such as electric shock.


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