High-speed Bottle Unscrambler PBL-160 Introduction

- Monday, September 2, 2019


PBL-160 HIGH-SPEED BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLER is designed strictly according to pharmaceutical GMP standard and technological requirements .Equip the detection system to control the ration bottles exiting and overloading protection system, The frame and hopper are made of qualified SUS306 stainless steel .Enclosed built -in hopper and disc sorter are designed for noise elimination and space saving compactly.

This machine is suitable for round /spare ( PE,PP,PS,PET) with different sizes in the pharmaceutical industry .Because of the air- blow rejection system for Mouth- Downward bottle , we can guarantee every bottle discharged upright onto exiting conveyor . The company provides  professional technical support and after-sales service , also send technician to the customer’s enterprise to adjust machines , supervise technique and train stuff etc.

This manual explains performance ,characteristics ,operating and troubleshooting of it minutely.


Do not store this unit in dustily or humidity environment or damage the system.

Do not use corrasive chemical dilution petroleum upon the unit or may cause damage of coating.

Do not pour water into interior of the machine.

Be sure to turn off the main power before cleaning, sweeping with dry and soft clothes.

Please Do Not open the machine except the qualified technician.

When it appears the phenomenon of fallen or choked, please stop the main machine to deal with it.

When it happens some abnormal phenomenon, the workers need to report it to the workshop director.

Main Technical Parameters

NO. Name Specification
1 Max. Output 120 Bottles/min
2 Bottle Size 20-300 ml
3 Voltage 220V /50-60 Hz
4 Power 0.2KW
5 Air Pressure 0.4 Mpa
6 Dimension ( L×W×H) 1065×1600×1200 mm
7 Weight 200 kg

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