Hot-air Circulating Oven CT-C-1: Installation & Debugging

- Wednesday, August 21, 2019


1. Before debugging, it shall be ensured that all parts of the equipment have been installed firmly.

2. This equipment shall be placed in workshops of corresponding cleanliness level, and in case there are water and steam pipes, the material of such pipes shall be stainless steel;

3. The equipment shall be installed under the guidance of the supplier’s debugging personnel;

4. The electrical equipment shall be wired according to its diagram; electrical installation and debugging has been carried out on the equipment before its delivery, yet it shall be re-confirmed on site;

5. Hot-air Circulating Oven is electrically heated by 380v\50Hz AC power and its rated current is ≧100A;


1. First, turn on the main power and the red indicator is on;

2. Set heating temperature of the oven on the temperature-controlled meter, and the temperature for the first-time heating is 80℃;

3. Turn on the fan button to run it and its green indicator is on;

4. Turn on the heating button and so the oven starts to heat up and the number on the temperature-controlled meter begins to increase;   

5. When the oven’s temperature rises to 70℃, turn on the button of humidity-discharging fan and so its green indicator is on to show that it begins to discharge damp and hot steam out of the oven;   

6. When the temperature in the oven reaches the set temperature, the oven stops heating and enters into a state of constant temperature;

7. Please conduct reverse operation in turn to stop running the oven; 

8. 90℃ and 100℃ may be set respectively for the 2nd-time and the 3rd-time debugging, and the operating procedure is conducted according to the above order.


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