Hot-air Circulating Oven CT-C-1: Pilot Production

- Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pilot production can be carried out after three or more times of debugging without malfunctions;

Before pilot production, the oven shall be cleaned completely and the cleaning fluid shall not penetrated into the electrical components and the insulation material of the oven; 

After the cleanliness of all parts of the oven reaches the technological requirements, load material on the tray and it’s preferred to control the amount of material to cover 30mm of the tray;

Place the tray with material on the drying trollies (each trolly can hold 24 trays with 8 on the upper, 8 on the middle and 8 on the lower parts respectively);

Push the drying trollies with trays into the oven and close the door. Turn on the main power, set the temperature of temperature-controlled meter to be 80℃, turn on the heating button to start heating, and turn on the axial flow fan to circulate the hot air in the oven;

When the temperature-controlled meter reads 70℃, turn on the humidity-discharging fan to discharge the steam out of the oven;

The oven, which is operated by automatic temperature control system to achieve automatic temperature control, enters into a state of constant temperature when its temperature reaches the set one;

The oven stops heating after holding the temperature for 60 minutes, and when the temperature inside it is lower than 60℃,turn off the axial flow fan and the main power, and then open the oven door to pull out the drying trollies;

To weigh the materials in the trays respectively on the upper, the middle and the lower layers by weighing scale, compare to see whether the drying capacities in different parts of the oven are balanced, and the balance can be obtained by adjusting the convection wall air-splitting plate;

After basic balance of the drying capacity of different parts in the oven is ensured, pilot production can be carried out according to the requirements of production technology.


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