Hot-air Circulating Oven CT-C-1: Precautions & Maintenance

- Saturday, August 24, 2019


When closing the oven door, the guide plate of drying trolly shall be folded to prevent it from being crushed by the door or door sea from being damaged;   

The equipment power supply shall be secured: 380V voltage, with the voltage difference no more than 10%;

Insulating materials shall not be put under the oven to raise it off the ground;

The ventilating ducts connected with the oven shall be made of stainless steel materials;

When pushing or pulling the drying trolly, the end with universal wheels shall be close to the personnel for convenient operation;

It is forbidden to dry inflammables and explosives in the oven.


The Circulating Oven shall be kept clean, and the parts of the oven shall be checked to see whether they are normal during site-clearing after production;

The temperature-controlled meter shall be tested and calibrated regularly, not less than once a year;

In case the temperature-controlled meter reads extreme value, check whether the thermocouple wiring is firm or whether the thermocouple is damaged;

Check whether the axial flow fan runs properly, without abnormal noise or large vibration;

In case quick-wear parts like starting capacitors of the axial flow fan and drying trays are damaged within the warranty period, please notify the supplier; 

In case the user find problems concerning quality of the equipment and unable to solve during normal operation, please timely notify the supplier for quick solution.


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