How to choose the right bottle packaging line machine?

- Monday, June 10, 2019

The basic functions of any bottling line are consistent. This line can be widely used in fast counting and bottling of tablets, capsules, pills and other drugs of various shapes and sizes. The process of bottling of drugs generally includes plastic bottle sort out, particle metering and bottling, anti-crushing, moisture-proof items adding, gland or screw cap, aluminum foil seal, drug labeling, etc. A complete line includes sealing machines, counting machines, labeling machines, capping machines and a range of other equipment.

bottle production line

But since each device can be implemented with different working principles, there are a variety of different models available on the market. So how do you choose these devices?

First, determine the basic functions. The choice of basic functions refers to what work is required for the packaging line according to the pharmaceutical company. Buyers need to determine the equipment needed on the production line based on actual needs. For example, some factories do not need an automatic bottle washer (which can blow specially treated air into the bottle, so that dust or foreign matter inside the bottle is blown out of the bottle and recycled by vacuuming). Then there is no additional cost to purchase.

Second, determine the speed requirement. The pharmaceutical company needs to select the packaging line production capacity according to the actual situation. Because the productivity of the tablet is related to the dosage form of the drug and to the volume of the bottle, pill counting machines need to be selected first. The other two essential equipments are the bottle unscrambler and the capping machine. The selection of the bottle unscrambler is mainly based on the production speed of the counting machine, and it is also related to the outer dimensions of the bottle. The capping machine is chosen similarly to a bottle unscrambler. It should be noted that due to the different types of caps, it is necessary to prepare a variety of caps for the replacement of the variety and packaging method.

Finally, pay attention to the choice of other accessory equipments, such as electromagnetic induction sealing machine. The current electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing technology is relatively mature, but in the selection of the model, it is necessary to select the products that have passed the electromagnetic compatibility inspection to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and the health of the production line operators.


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