How to choose the right particle filling machine?

- Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The particle filling machine is an important device in medicine, food, chemical, pesticide, etc. It is especially suitable for the production of fine particles such as granular drugs and sugar.

The high-quality granule filling machine can not only improve the quality of packaging products, but also effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, greatly reduce the production pressure of the production enterprises, and bring more benefits to the enterprise.

particle filling machine

The following four points need to be taken care of when selecting.

First, the stability of the product. The stability of the particle filling machine directly affects the packaging accuracy and product quality.

Second, the degree of automation of the product. A good particle filling machine should meet the characteristics of high degree of automation control, which can be automated throughout the process. Therefore, the high level of automation lowers the cost of the company to some extent.

Third, the mechanical materials used in the device. Due to the chemical composition of the drug, it is highly reactive in the process of contact with the device. The safety and hygiene of the production and packaging process must be considered when selecting the granule packaging machine. A granular filling machine with stainless steel as the mechanical material may be the best choice.

Fourth, cost performance of the machine. Since the different models have their own characteristics, buyers needs to know the differences among models and your demands, so that you can choose the right one for your company.


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