How to Test Sealability of Blister Packaging

- Wednesday, August 14, 2019

In addition to pharmaceutical packaging, blister packaging is also used in food, cosmetics, toys, and other industries. If the blister package is not well sealed, it is easy to shorten the shelf life of the product, which in turn causes deterioration of the contents.

blister packing

The sealability can be measured by a leak tester or the like. The test principle is that the compressed air is used as the power source, and the vacuum chamber is vacuumed by the vacuum generating device. The sample is placed in a vacuum chamber and submerged below the surface of the water. The vacuum tank is evacuated to produce a pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the sample immersed in water. The sealing performance of the sample can be judged by observing the expansion of the sample or the gas overflow (bubble) in the sample. The specific test steps are as follows:

  • Prepare the sample to be tested;
  • Place the sealed canister beside the main body of the seal tester, and simultaneously fill the sealed canister to the platen 10mm (Press the sample below the water surface while ensuring no water overflow. According to the sample Size, adjust water injection.);
  • Connect the air tube. Take a gas pipe into the sealed tank interface, insert the other end into the vacuum interface of the main machine, and insert one end of the gas source pipe into the vacuum port;
  • Connect the power supply and turn on the switch;
  • Set the parameters. According to the specific test requirements, set the required pressure holding time of the test press;
  • Place the sample to be tested into a sealed tank so that it is immersed below the water surface;
  • Click the test button to start the test and observe the change of the sample;
  • The result is judged. If the sample has continuous bubbles, it is judged that the sealing performance of the sample is unsatisfactory; on the contrary, the sealing performance of the sample is good;
  • Take out the sample and proceed to the next set of tests.

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