Manual type Single Punch Tablet Press TDP-0 Descriptions

- Thursday, September 12, 2019

General Descriptions

This machine is a manual type single punch tablet press machine. It can punches round tablets less than 12mm,this single press machine applicable to the pharmacy, chemical industry, food service, medical establishment or other places to apply.


The main technical parameters and production capability:

 Max. Pressur 1.5Kn
Max. Dia of Tablet 12mm
Max. Thickness 6mm
Max. Depth of Filling 16mm
Production Capacity 20-40pcs/min
Weight 24KG
Overall Size 300mm*190mm*480mm

Tablet Press Structure diagram

1-grease cup 2-shell of partial core gear 3-partial core gear 4-main spindle
5-connecting rod 6-the hole of upper core 7-the hole of upper cpre 8-handle
 9-taperr cap 10-upper punch 11-feeder 12-handle
13-middle die 14-lower punch 15-hole of lower punch core 16-rating nut
17-rating nut plate 18-filling rating nut 19-lifting cam 20-grease cup
21-lifting poker 22-lever shaft 23-lever of feeder 24-organic glass for block powder
25-middle die plate 26-lifting fork 27-lifting poker 28-tie bolts of feeder

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