Pros and Cons of Tablets

- Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A tablet refers to an oral dosage form prepared by mixing a medicinal material extract or a medicinal material extract with a medicinal material fine powder and a suitable auxiliary material. These include ordinary tablets which are not coated, sugar-coated tablets which are coated with sugar, and film-coated tablets which are prepared by coating a polymer material as a coating material.

Ordinary tablets do not introduce unnecessary ingredients due to the coating, so people do not have to worry about eating unnecessary ingredients when swallowing such tablets. Sugar-coated tablets can increase the stability of the tablet or mask the odor of the drug. The film-coated tablets are smaller in size than the sugar-coated tablets and are easier to swallow.


Advantages of the tablet:

  • 1. In general, the dissolution rate and bioavailability of tablets are better than pills.
  • 2. Accurate dose: The difference in drug content in the tablet is small; the tablet can be pressed into a concave pattern, which can be divided into two halves or four points, so that it is convenient to take a smaller dose without losing its authenticity.
  • 3. Stable quality: After the tablet is made by high-speed tableting machine, it will not be damaged or deformed during storage and transportation, so the main drug content can be kept unchanged. The tablet is solid in operation, and the volume is small after being made. The light, air, moisture, dust, etc. are less than other dosage forms. Tablets are dry solids, and some oxidative and deliquescent drugs can be protected by coatings, such as light, air, moisture and the like.
  • 4. It is convenient to carry, transport and take.
  • 5. Mechanized production with large output and low cost.

6. There are many types, which can meet different clinical medical needs and are widely used.

But tablets also have a number of disadvantages:

  • 1. The dissolution rate of the drug in the tablet is slower than that of the powder and the capsule, and the bioavailability is slightly worse.
  • 2. Children and comatose patients are not easy to swallow.
  • 3. The content of tablets containing volatile components decreases when stored for a long time.
  • 4. The preparation process is more than other solid preparations, and the technical difficulty is higher.

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