Round Bottle Labeling Machine FH-130: Performance and Technical Parameters

- Friday, July 26, 2019

FH-130 round bottle labeling machine is suitable for labeling on all round bottles, including all kinds of glasses, plastic, and metals. It may guarantee precise positioning and is equipped with coding machine that may print manufacturing date, term of validity, lot number, etc. at the same time. This machine applies smart control system that optimizes design, and guarantees easy operation and reliable performance. It is particularly suitable for the labeling and coding of products with small quantity and large variety.

Key technical parameters

Power of the power supply:

AC220V  50HZ  150W

Label size:

Maximum size: 120 (W) * 400 (L) mm

Minimum size: 10 (W) * 30 (L) mm

Size of the round bottles:

Maximum φ125mm 

Minimal φ20mm

Size of the adhesive label:

Internal diameterφ75mm

External diameterφ300mm

Net weight:

35kg 45kg (including the coding machine)

External dimensions:

580mmx680mmx860mm (including the coding machine)


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