Semi-auto Round Bottle labeling Machine MT-50W: Maintenance & FAQ

- Friday, July 19, 2019

Daily maintenance

Each day, before starting the Round Bottle labeling Machine, users need to:

1. Check if there is any sundry on the labeling soft roller, label pulling soft roller, guide rod, stripping plate etc.

2. Check if power is OK and if power cord is damaged.

3. Be sure to turn off the power before going off work every day, and after confirming the machine is powered off, uses also need to:

  • Clean the machine by using dry and soft cloth or blow with compressed air at places with excessive dust or hard to reach
  • Foreign matters stuck on the rubber wheel, guide rod, and stripping plate may be wiped off with a piece of dry cloth
  • Check if there is any loosen screw when cleaning the machine and fasten immediately the loosen screw

4. Clean the sensor regularly

5. Regularly add butter to the chain to ensure smooth operation


1. Backing paper breakage: it is closely related to the quality of the label backing paper, the scratching during label traction, and the adhesion of the label.

  • Check whether the backing paper is chopped, if so, need to change to backing paper of high quality. It is recommended to use Glassine backing paper, and require the label supplier to control the die cutting depth and not damage the backing paper.
  • Check whether there is any scratch during label winding and eliminate the causes leading to scratch.
  • If labels stick together, they will be easier to be teared. Control the peeled length of next label to ensure it does not stick to labeled products.

2. Label comes out continually. If labels come out continually or not completely, it is related to the sensitivity of the label sensor. For the adjustment, please refer to sensor adjustment part in troubleshooting section.

  • If the adjustment of the sensitivity of the label sensor does not work, it could be the reason that the labels is beyond the application of the sensor, or the sensor breaks down, please contact the sell.
  • Another reason is that the label does not in the detection area of the sensor, please adjust the position of the label sensor.

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