SY200/300 Powder Sifter Machine: Installation & Operation

- Saturday, October 12, 2019

The powder sifter machine is a machine for material particle size analysis instead of manual screening. This product is designed with a special vibration motor as the vibration source and reference to the characteristics of vibratory sifters at home and abroad. This series of products can be used for the classification and screening of solid powders in laboratories and scientific research departments such as agriculture, metallurgy, cement, geology, chemical, pharmaceutical, foundry, ceramics, diamond, coal, petroleum, dyes and non-metal.


  • 1. Place the vibrating screener on a horizontal surface. If the site is not level, an anti-vibration rubber sheet should be placed under the base.
  • 2. The cable in the vibration motor and the screen machine is subjected to severe vibration. For safety reasons, it should be connected to the standard ground wire.
  • 3. Start the machine and run for 20-30 minutes without materials.
  • 4. No abnormal sound may occur during the operation of the equipment. If an abnormal sound occurs, it should be shut down quickly for inspection. The occurrence of abnormal sound is generally caused by the looseness of the fastening portion. Especially when it is assembled after transportation and disassembly, pay great attention to the fastening of each part. The vibrating sifter has an instantaneous resonance zone (1-2 seconds) when starting and stopping. At this time, it is normal if the amplitude and noise increase significantly.

powder sifter


  • 1. Determine the standard sieve according to the materials to be inspected and the corresponding standards.
  • 2. The standard sieves are arranged according to the aperture from small to large, then stacked on the tray base from bottom to top, and positioned by the groove or the positioning screw aligned with the standard sieve.
  • 3. Put the material into the uppermost standard sieve, cover the standard sieve top cover, then press the standard sieve with the steel strip placed on the wire column, and tighten the screw to tighten the standard sieve. With. (Click on the product details page to watch the action video)
  • (Note: Use the same strength on both sides, then lock with a nut.)
  • 4. Set the time relay switch to the corresponding position, then turn on the power switch and the machine will start working.
  • 5. If you need to adjust the vibration amplitude, you can add M8 bolt to the excitation block on the motor inside the device. By adjusting the length of the M8 bolt, different exciting forces can be obtained.
  • 6. When the standard inspection screener stops working, unscrew the nut on the wire column, remove the steel strip, and carefully remove the standard sieve.
  • 7. Turn off the power.

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