Tube Sealing Machine DF-20: Working principle & Maintenance

- Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Working principle and operation instruction

Put the unsealed soft pipe on the sealing glide and push it to the heater, which hold together automatically to pre-heat the rear of the soft pipe and separate until the heating reaches a necessary time and temperature. Push the second mold, which is leaning against the first one, onto the glide to the clips when the sealing point at the first pipe is about to melt. Pre-heat the pipe between the clips before they fold again after the first operation. The sealing on the first is completed after the heater is done with the pre-heating on the second mold. Push the third mold, which is leaning against the second the mold, onto the glide and pre-heat it. Clip on the second mold, and take out the first sealed soft pipe to complete the whole sealing process. Put the unsealed pipes onto the glide to repeat the process.

The grain on the clips is changeable. You can change the mold at the clips for different grains. The printing date and series number are installed on these clips.

Change the inner mold according to the diameter of the sealing soft pipe.

Adjust the height of the operating worktop according to the length of the soft pipe.

Adjust the sealing temperature and time for the best sealing strength according to the thickness and the diameter of the soft pipe.


Check frequently to see if there is the clips are loose. Lubricate them with a small portion of lubricant. 

Check frequently to see if the heat-isolation cloth at the heater is damaged or if it is sticky with soft materials. Change it with a piece of new cloth or clean the stain accordingly.

Shut of the machine when the clips are at the separating state after the operation to sustain elasticity of the spring.

Cover it with dust-proof cloth when you are not using the machine.


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