Types and Applications of a Labeling Machine

- Thursday, May 23, 2019

The labeling machine is a mechanical device that affixes a pre-printed label to a specific part of the packaging container, generally at the end of the packaging operation. Labels have a role in the classification and beautification of goods, and at the same time they facilitate the sale and management of goods. There usually are specifications and main parameters of the trademarks and products on the label, instructions for use and product introduction in the label.

Types of labeling machine:

According to the type of label, the labeling machine can be divided into a chip label labeling machine, a roll label labeling machine, a hot adhesive label labeling machine, a pressure sensitive labeling machine and a shrinking cylinder label labeling machine.

According to the degree of automation, the labeling machine can be divided into semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic labeling machine.

According to the running direction of the container, it can be divided into vertical labeling machine and horizontal labeling machine.

According to the labeling process characteristics, it can be divided into a pressure-type labeling machine, a rolling type labeling machine, a roll-type labeling machine, and a brush-type labeling machine.

In addition, the labeling machine can also classify the materials of the packaging container (tin-plated cans, glass jars, paper cans), labeling mechanisms, and types of adhesives.

semi-automatic labeling machinesemi-automatic labeling machine

automatic labeling machineautomatic labeling machine


Labeling machines are widely used in the labeling of product packaging containers and packaging boxes in various industries.

(1) The beverage industry. This labeling machine requires high speed and accurate positioning, and often has more than one label in the bottle. In addition, due to the frequent changes in the appearance and materials of the label, the requirements of position control skills during labeling is very high.

(2) Daily chemical industry. The soft plastic container and the beauty requirements add to the difficulty of labeling and bubble exclusion control.

(3) Food industry. Multi-layer labels provide manufacturers with more space for promotion and promotion, and also pose new challenges for the design of labeling machines.

(4) Medical industry. The use of self-adhesive labels in the medical supplies manufacturing industry is becoming more widespread. In addition to being used as a label, the label also provides other functional uses. The design of the labeling machine will also vary depending on the particularity of the label.

(5) Pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry requires very high speeds for labeling machines. In addition, the design of the labeling machine needs to take into account the integration of the process before and after labeling, and it also needs to provide additional functions such as labeling front light inspection and automatic bottle holder after labeling.


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