What are the benefits of blister packaging machines for enterprise?

- Friday, June 28, 2019

The principle of blister forming is that the PVC hard sheet is heated and passed through a mold and compressed into a blister of a desired shape and size by using compressed air. Normally, blister packaging machine has good heat sealing performance and stability. And it can be horizontally punched without waste, so it is very popular among users. This kind of equipment can bring a variety of benefits to the enterprise:

1. There are many kinds of blister packaging machines on the market, with stable performance and perfect functions. Equipment manufacturers are able to give appropriate design solutions to different needs of users.

2. The packaging machine has high automation and high production efficiency, which can save a lot of packaging materials. Meanwhile, it has a long service life, which can greatly save the cost for the enterprise. They are suitable for capsules, plain tablets, sugar coatings, injections, etc., as well as medical devices, and electronics.

3. In terms of functions, it is ideal for users to invest in blister packaging machines with low capital and large production capacity. At present, many blister packaging machines on the market occupy less land, have low investment, obtain various functions, together with high efficiency, no pollution, low noise, which are widely used in purification workshops and hospital reagent rooms. The component is sealed and packaged by blister packaging, which brings much more value to the user. While they increase production efficiency, they also greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise.

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