YF3-1 Automatic Powder Grinder: Introduction & Structure

- Monday, August 19, 2019


Driven by a motor, the pulverizing steels of the YF3-1 powder grinder machine rotate at a high speed, and the mechanical energy causes high impact force, compression force and friction on the pulverized material. Therefore, the machine is suitable for fibrous materials, soft materials, and lightweight materials.

The machine is suitable for processing and small batch production of materials in Chinese and Western medicine, food industry, chemical industry, scientific research institutions, and other fields.


yf3-1 powder grinder structureyf3-1 powder grinder structureyf3-1 powder grinder structure

1. Feeding hopper

2.Feeding adjusting screw

3. Expanding air inlet

4. Upper cover

5. Butterfly nut

6. Interface of dust collecting bag

7. Interface of collecting bag

8. Machine Body

9. Base

10. Safety switch

11. Power switch

12. Overload protector

13. Ampere meter

14. Pulverizing blade set

15. Twill pulverizing grooved plate

16. Sledgehammer

17. Guide plate of filter unit

18. Pulverizing chamber


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