YF3-1 Automatic Powder Grinder: Maintenance

- Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The powder grinder needs to be cleaned and maintained in time after use to prolong its service life and reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

powder grinder yf3-1

1. Required environment: YF3-1 powder grinder should be used in room temperature. Do not use the machine in an environment of high temperature, humidity, acid and alkaline for a long time, which affects the machine service life.  
2. Required tools and materials: a brush, alcohol, and a dry soft cloth.
3. Please check before cleaning:

  • Whether there is any debris in the pulverizing chamber.
  • Whether connecting bolts and nuts loosen.
  • Whether the pointer of the ammeter points to the zero.
  • Whether the power supply is ok and whether the power cord is damaged.
  • Whether the machine is well grounded.
  • Pilot run for 3 minutes, and check whether the machine is in good conditions. And any abnormalities shall be resolved in time.

4.  When the pulverized material is changed, the pulverizing chamber needs to be cleaned with a brush, then disinfected with alcohol, and finally wiped with a dry soft cloth. The dust collecting bag and the powder collecting bag need to be cleaned up.
5. Cleaning: use alcohol to clean and maintain the machine mechanism, such as pulverizing chamber and blades.
6. Regular maintenance

  • After using for a period of time, inspection is required. Check whether the connecting bolts and nuts are loosened, and whether the electrical connection ends are abnormal.
  • Check whether the seal ring of the upper cover seal is aging. If so, replace aged seal ring with a new one.

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