YF3-1 Automatic Powder Grinder: Troubleshooting & FAQ

- Thursday, August 22, 2019
 No. Malfunction Cause Remedy
1 The energized motor does not rotate or stop during operation 1. The motor does not connect to the power supply. 1. Check the main circuit and the power outlet
2. The power plug or the connector lug is loosened. 2.Ensure that the plug and socket are well connected: tighten or replace the connector lug.
3. Poor contact of the switch 3. Repair or replace with a new one.
4. Overload protector is ejected. 4. Clean the pulverizing chamber, and press the overload protector.
5. Broken circuit or buring out of the motor stator or rotor 5. If the electric wire of the outlet is broken,   weld the wire, it needs to replace with new wire.
6. The safety switch is not contacted. 6. Check if the safety switch is damged or poor contacted.
2 Abnormal sound or vibration after turning on the machine 1. There is debris in the pulverizing chamber. 1. Clean up the pulverizing chamber.
2. Slot plate, blade set or other mechanical connection parts loose. 2. Tighten the slot plate, blade set or other mechanical connection part.
3. The motor cooling cover or cooling fan leaves loose. 3. Repair or replace with a new one.
4. Motor bearing wear out. 4. Replacae with a new one.
5. Unevenness caused by the falling off the footpad of the base. 5. Put on the foot pad.
3 Motor casing surface or ampere meter holder is overheating 1. Overload 1. Slow down the feeding speed.
2. The winding is wet. 2. Dry motor winding
3. The power supply voltage drops. 3. Adjust the power supply voltage.
4. Poor contact of the wire lug end 4. Tighten it.
5. The power supply connected is not suitable. 5.Connect the machine to adapter power supply.
4 The finished product is too thick or uneven, slow discharging or no discharging 1. The filter screen does not reach the bottom of the chamber. 1. Clear the debris in the chamber and ensure the filter screen reaches the bottom.
2. The gap between the filter screen and the filter board is too large. 2. Adjustment ot replacement
3. The material is too humid, blocking the filter. 3. Dry the material and clean the filter with a brush.
4. Too much sticky materials  4. Re-ingredients
5 Pulverizing blade set loose. 5. Tighten pulverizing blade set.
6. The twill milled groove plate wears out. 6. Replace with a new one.



Q: If any abnormal noise caused during powder grinder operation or the discharging is blocked, or, the bearing or motor is overheated, how to deal with the situation?
A: Stop feeding, cut off the power supply, and check the machine after that the rotor stops, and then eliminate the fault.
Q: What should be noticed after operating?
A: The machine shall run without loading for 2 minutes to completely discharge all the material, then shut down the machine. After the machine is stopped, check the machine so as to solve any problem in time.


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