YL-4 Automatic Counting Machine: Operation

- Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Before using the YL-4 automatic counting machine:

(1)Check whether the glass disc and vibrator are stopped.

(2)Check for any debris on the glass disc and groove of vibrating feeder.

(3)Select the appropriate orbit, see the accompanying drawings.

(4)Adjustment method of orbit:

  • The inner and outer orbit should be parallel to each other, and the width should slightly larger than the diameter of the capsules or tablets. Its material outlet shall be placed at an intermediate position of electric eye base.
  • Outer orbit should be affixed to the front of the circumference to ensure a smooth sliding of the capsule.
  • Adjust skew, whose height should be slightly larger than the thickness of tablets.

(5)According to the size of the bottle and medicine, appropriate chose the material outlet.

(6)Adjust the height of lifting plate and lock Y-locator.

(7)Turn on the power, set the number, then slowly start the glass disc and vibrator. Check whether tablets slide smoothly and digital display is correct. If both of them are normal, set number to zero and start the operation.

 YL-4 pill counter part

During the operation

(1)Please use plastic connector at the door inside for connecting vacuum tubes to prevent accuracy of electric eye to be affected by too much powder. When cleaning electric eye, please wipe it by using a brush or cloth.

(2)With the size of tablets, using the following data as reference values:


Speed Scale(YL—4)







Capsules: #4-#00


Under normal circumstances, YL-4 counting machine’s output is 2000-4000 tablets per minute.

(3) During the operation, material feeding should tie in with the speed of glass disc. Stacking materials is not allowed in the disc to avoid blocking the orbit. Pay particular attention to the capsules, because material accumulation can lead to an overlapping or blocking in the orbit easily, causing inaccurate counting.

(4)Always pay attention to "electric eye lights" (Sensor Index) on the computer to check whether its flashing is normal and sampling should often be done. If the number is not correct, pill counting machine should immediately be stopped to check.


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