ZLB80 Fast Granulate Machine Users'Manual

- Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Uses and Features

The machine applies to the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, light industry and other industries. It will make the uneven thickness of the particles (after drying) become the uniform particles. It can granulate a block of material that it is easy to smash.

The machine is easy to operate, to repair, to clean. It can choose the different pore side spiral tube according to user needs. Contact area with the material are made of stainless steel material, ensure the true nature of material without deterioration.

The Main Technical Parameters

The length of rotary cylinder 130mm
The diameter of filter 1-8mm (according to the user needs)
Speed 10-1400r/min
Production Capacity 50-80kg/h
The motor power 0.75Kw
Overall size 700×600×1125 mm

Main Structure and Working Principle

Contact area with the material are made of stainless steel material

Chian motivation uses a direct drive motor

Working principle: Direct drive rotary cylinder motor produces high speed centrifugal force so that materials are tight quote rotary cylinder wall, with a fixed rotary knife cutting, extrusion, through the screen to form uniform particles.

Instruction of Uses and Precaution

Before you use the Granulate Machine, should test it first to check all the parts and the electrical.

Before production, we should check all the connected parts of machine.

Replace the different pore sizes of sieve tube, it can product the different size particles.


We should check the flexible, wear and seal of all parts three times to five times each month, if find defect, timely repair.

We should remove the materials; unload the rotary cutter and rotary cylinder after the first used up or work stoppage. Clean the above parts (note: do not wet the electrical)


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