ZPW17/19D Rotary Tablet Press Main technical data

- Friday, September 27, 2019


This machine integrates automatic rotation, frequency-conversion, speed—adjusting with continuous tablet-pressing. It is mainly used for the manufacture of tablet in pharmaceutical industry, it also applies to press the granular material into tablet in the industry of chemical, food, electronic etc.

This machine applies to the pressing of granular material of which powder content (over100 hole) is below 10% and it can’t be used for the pressing of half solid, damp granular, low melting point, easy damping material and the powder without granular.

Rotary Tablet Press can produce round, special-shaped and character-engraved tablets, Ф4---20mm.

Main technical data

Model ZPW-17D  ZPW-19D
Number of filling of rotary table 17 pairs 19 pairs
Maximum working pressure 60KN 60KN
Maximum tablet diameter 20mm 13mm
Maximum tablet thickness 6 mm 6 mm
Maximum filling depth 15 mm 15 mm
Maximum production 40000 tablet/hour 42000tablet/hour
Diameter of stamp 30mm 26mm
Height of middle stamp 22mm 22mm
Diameter of upper/lower stamping lever 22mm 22mm
Length of upper /lower stamping lever 115mm 115mm
Machine’s coverage area 615×890mm 615×890mm
Height of machine 1415mm 1415mm
Net weight of machine 1000kg 1000kg
Motor model Y112M-6 Y112M-6
Power 2.2kw 2.2kw
Voltage 380v 380v

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