Advantages of Film Coating

- Monday, June 17, 2019

In order to ensure the quality of the tablet and convenient taking, the core layer of the tablet is wrapped with a suitable coating material to isolate the medicine in the tablet from the outside, thereby preventing moisture, light, air oxidation, enhancing drug preservation, masking the bad smell in the tablet and reducing the purpose of drug stimulation.

Tablet coatings can be divided into film-coated tablets and sugar-coated tablets. A polymer material that meets the coating requirements dissolved in an organic solvent, and coated on the surface of the tablet. When the solvent evaporates, a film is formed on the surface of the tablet, and the resulting coating layer of the tablet is greatly thinned and the volume is small.

The advantages of film coating are summarized as follows:

1. Short production time and high degree of automation. The use of a film coating process can reduce or avoid dust in the workshop, which is conducive to environmental protection and labor protection;

2. The quality of the film coating is much lighter than that of the sugar coating, thus saving material and reducing the weight of the total tablet;

3. Due to the large number of film-forming materials and auxiliary materials, it has been carefully designed to make film garments with various characteristics, such as gastric film, enteric film, sustained release film, controlled release film, etc., which broadens its technical application range;

4. Because the film-forming agent and most auxiliary additives are polymer materials with excellent physical and chemical properties, they are non-toxic and tasteless, and greatly improve the dissolution rate, bioavailability and effective period of the drug;

5. The film-coated tablets are small in size and smooth in form, so it is easier for children and elderly patients to swallow;

6. Film coated tablets have no restrictions on patients with diabetes and patients with sugar, which expands the scope of use of patients.

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